One groomsmen down...

Jul 6, 2010

Ok so it's not official yet but it seems Ronnie has lost one of his groomsmen. And their friendship all together...One of his oldest friends who we will call "E", was set to be one a groomsmen, right after the best man (Ronnie's older brother) so he was going to be a big part of our wedding and we were so excited to have him! But honestly, E is a 30 year old baby. He guilt trips Ronnie when he (or we) can't hang out with them and even though is married with a child, doesn't act like it half the time.

So while playing basketball the other day with some guys, E got angry about a foul and Ronnie didn't back him up (meaning, make a huge deal on E's behalf - come on, it's just a game!!) so E threw down the basketball and went home. Just like that. Ronnie laughed it off and continued to play. That was over a week ago and E has not called or texted - nothing. And he's always in contact so it's really strange. Well, he's also apparently turned a few friends against us somehow. All of these friends posted pictures on Facebook from about 3 times they've partied together in the past week. They ALWAYS invite us but not one person invited us to any of these hang outs. Seriously, is this HIGH SCHOOL??

So it seems that maybe Ronnie lost one of his oldest friends (for no reason obviously) along with a group of friends. They were mostly just "party friends" but still, none of this even had to happen. It's SO silly.

yup. Ronnie is now accepting applications for the position of Groomsman, if you know anyone! :p

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Anonymous said...

wow that IS really lame. at least you won't have to worry about his antics now that he's no longer a groomsman. he doesn't deserve to be standing up with ronnie anyways.


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