I've never known how to start these bio things. When I start typing, my initial thought is, "I love food". But who doesn't, right? So I'm not sure where to go from there other than to go waaaay back to 2009, the year I started this blog.

My then boyfriend proposed to me on vacation in amazing Yosemite and I was pumped to start blogging about our wedding! Surely I would become internet famous for my fabulous and innovative wedding ideas! But then Pinterest came along and showed me that basically, I knew nothing. Plus, I was bored. So I switched the focus back to our little life with two weiner dogs and a cat. It's a good thing I moved on because we ended up postponing the wedding and right in time, too because I got knocked up! And in April 2014, we ended up eloping with our 2 year old :) (and it was wonderful!)

Being the A.D.D. person I am, I need this place just to keep track of life. And now that I have a daughter, this place means even more to me. I like my place here, it's comfy, and I get to talk about whatever I want! "I'm in a store and I'm singing!" That's basically how I feel about it.

Now, let's get intimate. (Wait, don't you have to buy me dinner first? ;)

Hi. I'm Jessica and why yes, I do love food :) I'm 32 and I'm the Communications Manager for an event management company. It's a crazy fun time (emphasis on the crazy) but nothing compared to being a Mom. I actually never saw myself in the role of "Mama" but I love it more than I ever could have imagined! Some others thing I love (but not as much as my kid) are cool weather, a good pen, 80s music, twinkle lights and Coke Zero. Also, I support the heck out of equality.

Ronnie is my husband (!!) and he's an old man of 33. He's a proud Texan like me but dreams of living elsewhere, so long as it has mountains, cool weather and tons of coffee. He's an ex-tattooer turned full time student, studying to become a Registered Dietitian. He loves football, movies, metal and country music and just about everything in between and having nowhere to be on the weekend. He too supports equality and wishes everyone would just be nicer to each other. He was made to be a dad - Violet and I seriously lucked out with him.

Now, to that sweet girl who graced us with her presence on a sunny, perfect day in February of 2012. Violet. She is our wild child, my look-alike and the coolest surprise to ever happen to us . She's got her mama's attitude, her dad's goofiness and is just the best little mix we ever could have dreamed of. She wears us the hell out and may end up an only child because of it, but watching her learn and grow every day is amazing and completely worth the exhaustion.

So, that's me + us. Thanks for being here! 


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