What I'm Loving Wednesday

May 11, 2011

Oh how I've missed you, WILW!

Link up with Jamie and share what you're loving this week!

I am loving that I'm totally caught up at work and am actually now a day ahead! Holla!


I am loving that Ronnie had his last final this morning and is DONE with the semester!! I'm so proud of him! :D


I am loving that we might finally get some rain today. We've had NO rain since before March!

I am loving We Heart It way too much lately {apparently}. It feeds my need for pretty pictures!

I am loving these Kate Spade beauties!

{I wish I had an extra $122 y'all cause it's on sale!}

{it matches my blog blackground so obvs I need it!}

I am loving this man like nobody's business! I found this old picture of us and it made me happy <3

So how's your week going so far?
It feels like the longest week ever over here. I NEED Friday!


Anonymous said...

No rain since March? Take some of mine! It hasn't stopped raining since March!

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

We could send some rain your way too. We had some flooding and now it's supposed to rain again for the rest of the week. This week seems to be long and hard! Testing these little munchkins wears me out. :) Love the pic of you two!

Just Jinny said...

Right meow..HA HA! We got a teeny tiny bit of rain..but we need more.

KSK said...

I love that wink necklace!!!
*I was going through old pics today too! I love the warm fuzzies they give! :)

Anonymous said...

It DOES feel like the longest week ever. Where is this rain you speak of? Probably passing north of me!

[SMASH] said...

Right meow! :)

Love that yellow KS bag & that bow ring! Swoon. I need more $$$!

Kit said...

Love those purses!!!!

You are loving some amazing things today! Hope you have had a great Wednesday!

Cole said...

I want that "wink" necklace!!

Amanda Roo said...

I love that picture of you guys. It's perfect.

Rachel said...

I love that photo of you guys. You make a cute couple.

Well done on getting your work done!

Chloe said...

That picture cracks me up! haha
so funny!!
I'm glad things are going great!!
My week is going great too!! I got a job!! Woo-hoo!

amy said...

It's pouring down rain in Austin right now! Yay!!

Love love love the "wink" necklace!!

Super cute picture of you and Ronnie!!


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