It's Wednesdaaaay!

Jun 1, 2011

Ok this week was supposed to FEEL shorter, being a 4 day work week and all but I swear I've already been here 3 days. I'm just glad to make it to the halfway point!

And seriously, can you believe it's June already? I hate to be such a downer but you know the only reason I can say I love June? Because if the summer is flying by, that means we're just that much more closer to Fall :) You'd think being a South Texan my entire life I would be used to the humidity and heat but I am not and not sure I ever will be...AGH. My hair's frizzing up just talking about it.

So today I've decided to blow your minds with a twofer!
I'm doing both WILW and Wee Bit Wednesday!

Link up with Jamie!

+I'm loving that my cousin Mike is marrying his sweetie, Amy this weekend!
+I'm loving that it rained yesterday. Even if it was just for a whopping 10 minutes. (No lie.)
+I'm loving that my boss is out of town all week :)
+I'm loving that Ronnie is spending today shopping with his Mom. I just think it's so sweet!
+I'm loving my doggies. They make me laugh and my heart swells just thinking of 'em!
+I'm loving the crap out of Forever 21 jewelry lately. But I was a good girl and didn't buy anything this past weekend :/


Now for Leigh Ashley's link up! 

{one} do you believe in ghosts?
YES! The idea of them is so exciting to me but thought of ever seeing one scares the poop outta me. Either way, I totally believe in them!

{two} are you more of a talker or more of a listener?
I'm not a big talker but I can listen like a champ.

{three} would you rather get up early or sleep late?
During the week {if I'm off} I get up early so that I can get important stuff done and out of the way - I hate wasting the day. But on the weekend, I loooove sleeping in late.

{four} if you could instantly become an expert at one type of dance, what type would you choose?
Anyone who knows me in real life would laugh at this but I would actually love to be an expert two-stepper/line dancing kinda girl! I think it'd be fun to spend our weekends out dancing!

{five} what's your favorite drink?
Diet Coke and Sweet Tea are my faves..But if we're talking alcohol, I'd have to say Shiner Bock beer.

{six} if your house caught fire and you could only grab three things, what would they be?
My three animals {I swear I'd toss em in a freaking suitcase just to get them ALL out!!}, our external hard drive {with all of our pictures!} and my bin full of old pictures/keepsakes. Ronnie better be there to help get this shiz out! ha.

{seven} if you could only visit one restaurant for the next five years, which would it be?
Kona Grill fo sho.

{eight} who inspires you the most?
I hate to sound so show-offey but Ronnie truly does inspire me. He's the most determined, intelligent and talented guy I know. He went from tattooing {and was amazing} to studying graphic design {and rocked it out} but then changed majors to Dietetics ...and just made the Dean's List. Nothing is impossible with this guy and that inspires me every day.

{nine} if you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be?
oooh. Tough question. I'd want them to be interesting AND hilarious...So I'd say Will Farrell, Tina Fey ... and Ben Affleck. {Did I mention I'd want some eye candy there too?}

{ten} sneakers or sandals?
Sandals all.the.way. Remember earlier {or every other day} when I complained about the heat? :) Sandals are a necessity!

Phew. So are y'all tired of me yet? :)

I hope y'all have an amazing day!


Anonymous said...

awe I love that Ronnie is shopping with his mama!! Too sweet!

Just Jinny said...

I love that F21 bracelet! Gimme!!!

And we have only been to Kona Grill once but we LOVED it. The best tuna sashimi that I have ever had, melted in my mouth. Dang, now I'm drooling.

amy said...

so sad it didn't rain in austin yesterday. :(

great answers to Wee Bit Wednesday!! :)

[SMASH] said...

Having the boss out of the office is always the best! I hope the rest of your short week goes by quickly! Yum, I'm a sweet tea & Shiner girl myself!

S said...

That necklace is too cute - I'd not heard of that brand. Enjoy the rest of your short week.

November Grey said...

"What I'm loving Wednesday" - cute idea. I'm loving my stolen moment of "me time" bliss, with the baby sleeping and a quiet house. xx

Amanda said...

I'm loving that you're back updating your blog :)

Dirt On The Rocks said...

i enjoy your wednesday posts and i'm definitely going to do this on my site as well :). f21 always has great jewelry for such a cheap price!

i love your wee bit wednesday i'm loving that your hubby inspires you the most. :) it's too sweet.

Anonymous said...

Nope, not tired of you yet. ;) I just love these posts. It's so fun to learn all these little nuances about people. You're so sweet and funny!

Jean said...

that's what i said, summer is going to fly... and i hate the humidity. makes me feel icky! it even sucks that our house only has one window unit a/c. LOL! luckily we are under tons of old maple trees!

Elizabeth said...

Love your answers, Jessica! And believe me...there's a ton of places here in Nashville that you could learn some line dancing..the Watermelon Crawl is fun! lol :)

Tricia said...

2 Link ups? Look at you! And I'm glad you included Ben Affleck, wouldn't want America to forget him!

Mizdragonfly said...

Boos out of town = always makes the work week go by faster ;)

And I LOVE that it's June - summer are so short up north, bring on the heat!


Domestic Sweetheart said...

Oh, how I love my diet coke hehe IThought you would be interested that I'm hosting a giveaway for Smathers & Branson :) xoxo


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