Announcing your Fall Swap Partners!

Oct 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!
I'm so excited that today's the day we announce partners for our first ever Fall Swap!
Thank you again for participating, Ashlee & I are so excited about the turn out!

So how did I match everyone up?
I literally put your names into a bowl and pulled out two at a time.
Old school but it worked! :p

Go ahead and find your partner below then get in touch to start learning about their style and favorite colors, aything to help you shop for the perfect fall scarf and nail polish for them! Then get to shopping! :)
(If you need any inspiration, check out my post from Friday!)

Aurora - Jenn (Critical Crass)
Savanah - Jenn (West Sac Honey)
Kristen - Jennifer (Perfectly Imperfect)

  • Your spending limit is a maximum of $20. This amount includes the cost of both the scarf and a bottle of nail polish (but not shipping).

  • The deadline to ship out your package will be Friday, Nov. 11th.  (We know stuff happens though so be sure to let us and your partner know asap if you’re gonna be a little late!)

  • Hopefully everyone will have received their packages by Monday, Nov. 21st so we’ll be hosting link ups on both of our blogs that day so that you can post about the great package you received!

  • If you need any help getting in touch with your partner, please let me or Ashlee know!


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