Fun With My Phone!

Oct 10, 2011

Happy Monday!! I am so bummed that I'm not off work today but at least there's an upside to working while everyone else is off - no morning traffic! My morning commute totally got cut in half. Halleluyer!

So I've been thinking lately that I want to stay away from doing tons of links up but this is one of my new favorites so I have to do it! It's fun sharing my random phone pics with y'all :)

Check out Savanah's blog and link up!

Our sister-in-law made this freaking adorable quilt for baby girl!
She and Ronnie's brother are dachshund freaks too so it's PERFECT <3

My little sis went to her high school's homecoming last weekend and she was PRECIOUS.
Totally different kinda dress than we wore back in the day! :p

There's a Starbucks going up right next door to my office building and I am dying
for it to open! Supposedly it's just another 2-3 weeks. AAGH!

Since there's no baby yet to test out the baby goodies, we used our fur baby, Frasier.
Who actually LOVED being carried around! ha!

Frasier also has been loving cuddling up near his baby sister <3

One of my biggest cravings, Passion Iced Tea. I get it with half the sweetener
and for you preg
gos, it's herbal so it's caffeine free!

Taken just this morning, my two weiners and my mom's weiner. ha!

Have a great week, you guys! :)


Anonymous said...

bahahah i love that fraiser was perfectly happy being toted around by Ronnie!! so funny!!
and that blanket is the most adorable thing i have ever seen! how cute!!! :)

Suze said...

LOVE the quilt- so cute!

Also, Frasier is adorable being the "test baby." :)

I'm trying to stop doing lots of link ups too... but I did one today anyway- hah!

Glad you're back to blogging!

Meg O. said...

OMG, Frasier in the baby carrier is AWESOME. And I always get the passion tea! I get it with honey instead of sugar/sweetner!

KSK said...

:) I love your "test baby"!!!

Cole said...

I love passion iced tea. I will definitely remember that I can still have it when I get preggo. :-)

Frasier makes an adorable test baby! It looks like he's going to be the one that wants to be next to the baby all the time! Little one has a best friend already.

Holly said...

Frasier looks so cute in the baby sling!

Courtney said...

HAHA I loved these pictures! I have some friends that have two doxies and they're pretty obsessed with all things doxie as well. And I think the snuggle picture is just so very sweet! Frasier is going to be a great big brother :)

Mrs. W. said...

Love your baby product tester, lol!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Aww adorable pups! I love Weiner Dogs! And the blanket is adorable!

Kasondra said...

I love that you named your dog Frasier. Please tell me it's after the show!!

When are you due?

Kristen @ GDSConfessions said...

that quilt is beyond adorable! i wish i could sew!

Jean said...

too cute putting Frasier in the carrier, lol.

wish i could bring hot drinks into my classroom. have to chug before i head to work :(

Anonymous said...

Aw fun! Thanks for sharing w/ us! Your fur babies are so cute - I can't wait to see your real baby. :)

I am *dying* to have a "cool" phone again. Le sigh...

Dana Richards said...

Love the little sneak belly picture! And the picture of you're dog in the baby carrier made me laugh out loud :-) too cute!!

Dana Richards said...

Oh yeah, one more thing! Besides today's what are some of the other linkups you used to do?

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

LOVE that quilt, wow!!! I want one with yorkies ;)

Loved this link up. Thanks for sharing it!


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