Fun With Our Phones Monday!

Nov 14, 2011

I love linking up with Savanah for her and Erin's link up!!
If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably already seen a few of these! :)

This weekend was great! We hung out mostly at home and I did some shopping with my mom. We really enjoyed our last weekend living at my parent's house. It's kinda bitersweet that we're leaving back on our own but I'm so excited to close in just 2 days on our house!!

Frasier cuddling with his daddy!

I received my Two Degrees bars from Klout.
They were actually really yummy!


Niles loving on his baby sister.
He didn't feel her kicking though which I would've loved to see his reaction to!

Umm I love food y'all. I'm still drooling over the tomato/mozzarella sandwich
and spinach artichoke dip that my co-worker & I shared the other day..Mmmm..

Our pretty girl that rarely makes an appearance around here.
Probably because she makes mean faces when I try to get a picture. ha!

Went shopping for maternity clothes and laughed at the fake belly they had
in the dressing room. For a 7 month belly, it wasn't all that big!

I had to take this of the local (Helotes) newspaper.
My sister's school play was on their front page (she's the one in pink)!

I spent a lot of the weekend going through paint swatches for the house!

Yesterday! 25 weeks and getting ready to go shopping with my momma!
(Who by the way has not taken down that little Fiesta decoration since April. ha!)

Some of the loot we came back with for baby girl.
And by the way, this was not the intention of our trip! lol.

How was your weekend? I hope y'all have a great MONDAY!! :D


David and Elizabeth said...

looking adorable as always!!

and peyton says "hi boys!"

[SMASH] said...

I love tomato/mozzarella ANYTHING. Like how is it all SO GOOD?

Meg O. said...

1. I'm with Ash - I love anything tomato/mozzarella!
2. Yay for your sister's play being in the paper! How cool! I always hold on to stuff like that (when my stuff actually makes it into the paper). You must be a proud big sis!
3. You look so freakin' cute.

moderndaywife said...

Great pic girl & cute little girl outfits :-)

Ashlee Miller said...

That sandwich looks delicious and I must add that as always your adorable!

Cole said...

You are so stinkin' cute!!!

Love the cuddly pup pictures! How cool that your sister was in the paper!

Miranda said...

cute bump! that spinach artichoke dips looks so yummy!

Chloe said...

Love this post!
your cat is so cute! You should post more picture of her!

Sarah said...

Cute stuff!!

Amy Childress said...

i LOVE that dress on u.. ur bump is so sweet. im having some baby fever so bad right now..


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