Preggo Stuff - 31 Weeks

Dec 29, 2011

I'm freaking out that it's already means I'm getting closer to my vacation being over! :( But believe me, I'm grateful for this week! I'm also grateful that Ronnie is on his break from school because it has been SO nice sleeping in with him and spending our days together. Our time together is definitely something I'm cherishing with just NINE WEEKS left til baby girl is here!

So far this week we have eaten out a lot (no surprise there. ha!), chosen paint for the house so Ronnie can paint next week, having new carpet installed in baby girl's room (hers was the only room with original RED carpet in it!), we're going today to finally register at the hospital, we've done lots of shopping, and our house is sparking clean! I think I was made for this homemaker stuff! (not!) :p

Yesterday while out to lunch I realized I was supposed to take my weekly belly pic! Since my usual scenery is the bathroom at work, I decided the bathroom at the restaurant would do. ha! I don't look very happy but it's probably because I was in a hurry to get outta there!

Updates in Week 31:

  • First off, holy crap. Just NINE WEEKS LEFT!

  • According to, baby girl weighs around 3.3 lbs (like carrying four navel oranges) and is over 16" long! She's gearing up for a growth spurt soon too!

  • My sleep is getting worse by the day so I'm taking advantage of being able to sleep in and take naps this week! #totalheaven

  • Baby girl's kicks are still frequent but lately I'll feel a random kick/punch out of nowhere and it's a really painful and shocking one! She's growing bigger and stronger for sure!

  • On Christmas day, those kicks definitely hit a nerve. While in the car I got the worst pain all the way from my lower back up to my neck. It stung so bad and it hurt to even move! I tried to adjust her and it finally went away but it was pretty scary for a moment.

  • I have a 32 week OB appointment next week and am really curious to see how much Christmas weight I gained! ha.

  • I also can't believe my appointments are now at 2 week intervals. Crazy!

  • I feel like bathroom breaks seriously take up half my day now. Ronnie teases me about how much toilet paper we're going through. ha! #TMI

  • The comments have definitely gotten more frequent like "Are you really that far along? You don't look it!!". I'm sure there's no harm but I take it in the overly sensitive "Am I too fat to even be showing?" kinda way. ha

  • I'm still having a ton of pain "down there" but I know she's just positioned really low. The worst is after sitting a while or sleeping, it hurts to even get up and I basically have to waddle around until it goes away.

  • I'm extra hormonal lately and have been causing some petty fights with Ronnie. I can't wait (and I know he can't either) to feel back down to my normal emotional level. lol.

  • I finally feel like things really are moving along but I'm still shocked at how soon she'll be here. My biggest worries don't even concern bringing a baby home or not knowing what to do with her - I'm scared of the delivery! Any advice for me?

I hope y'all are having a great week!


♥ Marcy ♥ said...

I still think you look wonderful and just like you are supposed to! HOLYFREAKINGCRAP nine weeks is nothing... your on the home stretch now girlfriend and I am so excited for you!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA using too much toilet paper. Ronnie is too funny.

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

9 weeks left oh my gosh so excited for you, love the picture!!! :-) I am sad my time off is dwindling down too boo!

Christina said...

I forgot about all the toilet paper! Hahaha. You look great! Keep resting as much as you can. And to help relieve that downtown pain, try lying with your legs totally parallel when you’re kicking your feet up. It helps!

Michelle said...

You look great! Yay for only 9 weeks to go! :)

Jessica said...

Only 9 weeks left? It seems like just yesterday you announced you were expecting!! That's so great though! I know you can't wait to finally meet your baby girl. Don't worry so much about the delivery, it's just one small bump in the road before a lifetime as a mother. You're going to do great and your baby girl is so blessed to have you and Ronnie as her parents. :):):)

Chloe Deverill said...

How exciting! only 9 weeks left! YAY!
Are you going to post pictures of your baby girl???
Can't wait to see her little face!

Jean said...

definitely enjoy these last few wks until she comes as well. it will be a whole 'nother story, but exciting and all worth it! i'm so excited i'll get to sleep in the next 4 days, too!! :)

love that restaurant camera shot. you're probably nobody walked in, hehe.

have a happy new year! <3 <3

Kristen @ Confessions of a GDS said...

No advice here for birthing babies... I'm learning from your experience! :) Exciting stuff- can't wait to see all of the pics of the baby room!

Mrs. Lopez said...

I haven't been on here in months and you are looking great! Can't wait to see those baby pics!

Cori H. said...

Only 9 more weeks! So exciting!

Miranda said...

jeez everytime i see you update this i am thinking "its been a week already?!" if it's fast for me it must be for you!!!

M.R. said...

wow- it sounds like you are getting a lot done - that's great!

Will we be seeing nursery pics soon?

Mrs. W. said...

I think you look awesome and perfect! People who make those comments are dumb. I got one on the other side of things the other day - a woman in my office said "oh, my daughter-in-law is expecting TWINS right around the same time as you, but you're MUCH bigger than her!" Uh, awesome, thanks?

I'm scared of delivery, too!!!! Are you taking any childbirth classes or reading any books or anything?

Meg O. said...

As always, you look AWESOME.

It's crazy how things don't really ever feel real until you actually birth the baby! Just relax and enjoy your time together. Don't feel like it's a ticking time bomb, because life is even more amazing when the baby is here. :) You are doing great! You know, Baby K never really got low in my pelvis, but I can imagine how that has gotta HURT!

Courtney said...

I think you still look super adorable! I can't believe she'll be here so soon either.

Honestly, the delivery part was so much easier than I thought. I was also worried because I'm such a wussy when it comes to pain. If you are already thinking about it, get an epidural early on. It will not only help with contractions, but it'll help you feel more comfortable when they are checking your dilation. It is still scary because it's something that you've never experienced before. I'll be thinking and praying for you that you have a good experience with labor and delivery :)


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