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Sep 8, 2012

I'm cleaning out some of my stuff and have some Mommy goodies to sell! Once I finally go through the piles of Violet's clothes and choose what I want to sell, I'll put up a separate post for that stuff.

All transactions will be made through PayPal. Shipping will be $5 (unless otherwise noted below). Just comment with the # item you want and I'll e-mail you to get the purchase started!

FYI: I didn't type out the brand names because I work with these companies and don't want anyone from the company happening upon my blog ;) However, you can clearly see all the brand names in the pictures and I did post the pattern name so if you want to Google them to find out more, do it to it! And of course if you have any questions about any of the items, leave a comment or Tweet me!

#1  SOLD!
Clutch - Dancing In Dublin pattern $30
Comes with a snap-in changing pad and a diaper wipe case with the brand name written across it.
I used this as a cute clutch for myself maybe 4x and this was before I even had a baby so the pad and case have never been used. The purse has one small stain inside and a couple little pen marks on the front and bottom. I'm sure you can't even see them in the pictures, that's how minuscule they are. If you want better close ups, let me know and I'll email them to you!
Poppy Clutch $15
This is another "diaper bag clutch" and normally comes with a matching changing pad but I bought this pre-baby as well and they just took the pad out since I didn't need it. This was used twice.
It has two compartments: the large one and then the smaller one in the front. It has magnets so you can fold over the large section as you can see above.

#3 SOLD!
Nursing Cover - Mosaic Pattern $15
I used this maybe 4 times. It's a really awesome cover and would still be in use if I was still bf'ing but that's a story for another day ;) The neckline has a flexible piece inside so that it stays open to view the baby, the neck strap has a d-ring and is adjustable and the inside corners have terrycloth pockets to use for clean up or to keep a pacifier handy.
#4 - SOLD!
Adjustable Sling - Geo Pattern $20
I'm in love with this sling and the pattern but Violet was not. Being a reflux baby, she was never comfortable in this position and would rather be carried straight up. So we tried this out maybe twice and for about 10 minutes each time. It has large adjustable rings on the strap and the edges are really fluffy and comfortable. The box is tall and skinny so I will probably just ship the sling without the box!
#5 SOLD!
Car Seat Adaptor $35

We bought this to use with a stroller we were given but used a different stroller instead so didn't need this! It  sells for $60 and can be used with the Mini, Elite and Classic strollers. The box is a little heavy so shipping might end up being more, we'll discuss that if you're interested.

I hope you find some goodies you can use! Let me know if you have any questions!! :)


Suze said...

I want your
Dublin clutch! I'm contacting you now.

mrs.mfc said...

im kinda considering the sling.... ill let you know.

Kari said...

So cute!! If I only had kids :)


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