my thursday thoughts + THE WINNER!

Sep 6, 2012

Thank you all for entering my giveaway!
The winner of the Orchid nail polish is.....
Sara @ a McFall minute!!!

Funny enough, she told me on Twitter yesterday that she's never tweeted so much about a giveaway but really wanted the polish. Your last tweet yesterday happened to be the entry that won you the giveaway, Sara! E-mail me your address and I'll get them sent out asap! :)

--So, September got here way faster than I would've liked buuut since it's "my" month I think I can deal. Bring on the birthday freebie e-mails!

--I came to a realization yesterday - what is the point of being addicted to Pinterest if I never actually DIY, bake, cook, gift, any of the pins?! So the plan is to choose 2-3 easy projects every paycheck and just effing do them! I have my first two chosen for next week.

--A dresser like this would look mighty fine in my dining room as a buffet. Speaking of which, I need to get to winning the lotto so I can actually do pretty things to my house.

--I found this blog post and there are some great tips for embracing and styling your curly hair. Oh you don't have curly hair? Bitch. Consider yourself lucky. This frizz ball is hard work!

--Ten years after my first and only one, I think I'm ready for another tattoo. What I want is teeny and not the issue. What I need to know is where does one -one who is a mom with a job- get this placed exactly? As to not look like a trampy tramp, ya know?

--To the men who keep me laughing by posting to Missed Connections on Craigslist: next time you see a pretty girl you like, get some balls and talk to her right then and there! SHE WILL NEVER READ THIS, ya nerd!

--Tonight is girl's night and we will be dining at Chuy's. Try to contain your jealousy.



Anonymous said...

1. YAY I won!! Another excuse to stalk the mail man! :oP
2. I found that same blog for curly hair thrOugh Pinterest! All I've done so far is use a Tshirt to dry my hair and not comb it and my husband noticed the same day my hair was more curly. I didn't have curly hair till I got pregnant too.
3. Chuys was the first and last place I ate at when I visited my parents in Austin. I have shirts from there too. :o)

Christina said...

What birthday freebies do you get? I need to sign up for some! Ooh, pretty yellow buffet! My hair is annoying and wavy. I wish it would choose one way or the other. Missed connections always crack me up!!

Faith said...

i need to win the lottery too because i want to do pretty things to my house too, lol.

have the best time at girl's night. i need one of those asap!

kjpugs said...

SOOO Jealous of Sara! You and I might have to do a swap so I can get me some HEB polishes :)

Also... that dresser is PERFECTION. And I added you on Pinterest! Enjoy Chuy's, I"m so so so jealous!!!! SEND TORTILLAS!

Suze said...

I feel that way about Pinterest too! Good for you to commit to doing stuff. Hope you post about it!

I think a good, professional "mom" tattoo place is somewhere you can cover if necessary but can show it off too. I have a visible tattoo that I can cover when I want (on my foot) and an "invisible" tattoo on my hip. I wish the one on my hip was somewhere else bc A) it does not look like it used to haha and B) nobody can see it if I want to show it off! Anyway, so good luck. What do you want to get?

Haha to the craigslist comment. True!

I don't know what Chuy's is, but have fun!

Angela K said...

I totally know what you mean about Pinterest. I finally got around to making some of the recipes and doing some of the easier DIY projects and felt so proud of myself! We're moving next month, and then I can't wait to start the things I have pinned for Baby Girl's room!

Lauren said...

CONGRATS to the winner even though I'm a lillll bit jealous :-)

Cole said...

Congrats to Sara!!!! Lucky girl! :-)

Michelle Pennington said...

September is my birthday month too! My birthday is Monday! I have already started to get my birthday freebies! I seriously think my birthday is my favorite holiday after Christmas, of course!

Ohhhh, and I have been waiting for the announcement! I am so excited!

Mrs. W. said...

Can't wait to see your Pinterest projects!

What tattoo do you already have and what do you want? I don't have any but if I ever did get one I would think about getting it on the inside of my heel, or on my ribcage on the side, like under a bra strap. :) I'm a tattoo chicken though.


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