Fluff Friday?

Apr 5, 2013

I really feel like my blog is all b.s. and fluff lately but honestly, I'm ok with that. Why would I want to bore you with talk about my life? ha I can sum it up for you in a few words: work, coffee, Violet, exhaustion, work, Violet, wine, Ronnie, more work, more exhaustion and more coffee. Nothing you haven't already heard about!
I love my life, I really do, but I feel like I'm still struggling to just be ME. As an individual and as a fianc√©. It's tough, yo! I truly am grateful for all that we have, I just realize I really need to take more time out for myself and for Ronnie. We need it!! This is why I'm glad April is here - it's a kick off to some of our favorite things!    

  • This weekend is the San Antonio Highland Games and this is something my Scottish baby daddy gets super excited about. We first went a couple years ago and then we took new baby Violet last year. It's just a really fun time and how can you go wrong with anything that involves beer, music, kilts, food and lots of strong, burly men walking around. Just saying ;) 
  • Then at the end of this month, it's FIESTA time!!! This one is MY event. It's 10 days of over 100 events including carnivals, fairs, parties, parades and so so much food and drink. The best way to explain it is - Mardi Gras but Mexican. ha It's a Fiesta, hello! It's truly an insane amount of partying that our city does and you'll go broke partaking in it, but it's so worth it.
  • And then at the beginning of May, I travel to Vegas for the first of my two annual work events. Hence, my life being so full of work lately. We see a lot of the same people in our industry so going to our events is like a big reunion which I so look forward to; being in Vegas on our boss' dime is just an added perk ;) I'm not looking forward to leaving V for a week and not being here for Ronnie's birthday but I'll make it up to them when I get back!!

All that to say: Until some real excitement happens around here, you're getting fluff :)
Today's fluff: nail polish.
Essie - Turquoise and Cacos
Essie - A Cut Above (accent nail)

I took the picture of the polish inside to show you how pale T&C looks in the bottle. It's a really thin polish and it takes about 3 coats and will get more of a green color going but I added a fourth coat and it definitely looked more turquoise. I just can't live without an accent nail nowadays (can anyone?) so I added one of my favorites. I really loved this mani for Easter and it looked good for about 5 days, I was surprised. This picture was taken after 3 days.

Now, go enter my giveaway! Hair accessories and baby girl accessories, people. DO IT.

Happy weekend!


Essie Rae iHeartPrettyPolish said...

Very cute:) I love these two colors together.

Sara said...

I tried so, so hard last night to not do an accent nail. But it just felt SO WEIRD without one! So I decided to mix it up and just do my pinky as an accent this time. Haha!

Hope you have a great weekend!


Rhonda said...

I love it!

applesandglue said...

Your nail polish looks so pretty, I love it, especially that accent nail! And omg I miss Fiesta! I mean, I was never a fan of the craziness of it all, although NIOSA was pretty cool... but I loved getting that random day off for work for Battle of the Flowers. :)

Molly Kay said...

Found you through the nail files! I absolutely LOVE the Turquoise and caicos! It's one of my favorites!


Kali Angeles said...

Jessica...why did you do this to me? A Cut Above is a gorgeous rose and now I'm going to have it on my mind all day and I'm going to ebay stalk it while my debit card says hell no. LOL.

Have a good weekend :)

Kali Now Living

Savanah said...

love that color combo!!!
If I were in San Antonio, I'd come right over and watch V for you so you and Ronnie coud have a nice relaxing date night!!

Urban Flowerpot said...

HAHA, I like your Friday fluff. Those sound like some fun things to look forward to!

PS I'm snagging your button for my page :)

Kimberlee Van Der Wall said...

Great Essie colors!

Heather said...

Um, how have I never heard of this Fiesta?!

Lauren said...

That polish is so awesome, need it now!!!! :-)

tara said...

i feel weird without an accent nail of some kind too. lol

Faith said...

I love the fluff ;)

I can't remember the last time I did not do an accent nail. It seems so long ago!

Love the nail colors!

aka Bailey said...

Oooh I also quite recently used Turquoise & Caicos in a mani - those pastels always take so many coats before they're manageable.


Miranda said...

i agree with the turquoise and cacaos, takes forever. and i LOVE your new look! we are triangle buddies! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute nails!
It's ok to be 'fluff' it's your blog and your life....and anything about your family isn't 'fluff' anyways. :)

Christina said...

Fun stuff coming up! So, is Fiesta a SA thing? Or in other places with a strong Mexican community? We have nothing like that up here. 10 days!? Awesome. I'm jealous of your trip to Vegas, even if it is for work and you have to leave your loves behind. I don't even like Vegas all that much, but I'm dying for some alone time! Haha. I love your mani. I never would have thought to pair those two and it turned out so cute!


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