I'm back! :)

May 15, 2013

 1. Quality time with my girl before I left
2. Ronnie was busy being single dad for a week
3. Meanwhile, mama did a lot of boozing and schmoozing (work, too!)
4. The big girl and the fun mail I came home to.

I'm so happy to be back and back into my regular routine!! I had such a great time and the event was a success but I am worn the hell out. It always takes me a week or so to fully recuperate after every one of our events. It was so so hard being away from V all that time and even worse was coming back to a child who looked like she had changed SO MUCH. Her hair looked longer, she was talking more than ever and she stared at me for a full day as if she was pissed that I'd left her. It wasn't this hard when I left her for 10 days when she was 8 months old - she had NO idea I was gone and I don't feel like she changed nearly as much back then. This time around was tough and really makes me dread my even longer trip this coming October :/ But all complaining aside, it's my job and I have to do it for my family so I'll keep on keeping on! I really am so so grateful for my job.

Ronnie was a champ at holding down the fort while I was gone and I am seriously lucky to have him! They had a great week together but I know he was even more beat than me when I got back on Friday night. So, Saturday I took V to my cousin's baby's 1st birthday party and spent some time with her at the park afterwards (with my parents too) so that he could have a few hours to himself. I know he needed a breather. Then Sunday, Mother's Day (my second one!), Ronnie bought me my favorite breakfast ever (Bill Miller's!) along with their coffee AND sweet tea. Best surprise to wake up to. He left for a few hours of volunteer work so it was just me and the babe and we had fun catching up :) That evening he took her to his mom's and I had the entire evening TO MYSELF. Best gift ever. Funny how it works out that way on Mother's Day.

Monday was a vacation day (thanks to the best bosses ever who knew we needed rest) and we did pretty much nothing. Ronnie's now out of school for the summer (um, until summer school starts) so the three of us just ran errands, grabbed some food, grocery shopped and made another stop at the park. It's pretty much our favorite thing to do nowadays to wear out that child :) Every time we go though, I see just how much she's grown compared to the last time we were at the park and I kinda hate it. I never realized how quickly she'd turn into a toddler and then how at this point, it would fly by faster than EVER. I'm always reminding myself how fleeting these moments are. And many times, I just cry about it. A growing baby is so amazing but can make you feel so sad! Time for baby #2?? ;) (just kidding. not even a chance.)

Hope everyone is well! Thanks again to Rhonda and Kali for your guest posts while I was gone! I hope to get back into some regular blogging soon. I missed you guys!


Rhonda said...

I had fun posting for your blog, but I'm glad you're back!

Jean said...

glad you got back safely. brady gets back today from his work training.. though his was only 3 days, 2 nights.

that was super nice your bosses let you guys have a day off after your trip.

that sounds like a great mother's day. i hear more n more mommies love that alone time/request. it think it's so needed and hope that folks don't take it the wrong way.

anyway, time is flying by... i can't believe it either!

Betty said...

I miss Bill Miller's so bad - and their breakfast is fabulous! Jealous!

Lauren said...

Welcome back friend, missed ya!

Heather said...

Oh my gosh, she is SUCH a beautiful baby. Seriously.

thepaceofitall said...

Yay welcome back! And aw, I bet it must be hard to feel like a kid changed so much while you were gone! Nice mother's day gift btw. :)

Christina said...

Those trips away are so tough. Even when I get out of town for fun (and for a much needed break), I miss my kids so much and I swear they turn into little adults while I'm gone. And yay Ronnie! It's kind of unbelievable when women say they could never leave the kids with their dads, or that the dads just wouldn't do it. Um, what? They are the DADS. At least ours know what's up! Haha!

Suze said...

Welcome back friend.

kjpugs said...

So glad your event went well and you got some relaxation!!!! I'm sure everyone was glad to have you back :)


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