never end, summer.

Aug 12, 2013

As hot as it is outside (and it is HOT), I'm not ready for the summer to end.

The summer ending means Ronnie goes back to school soon and the craziness will ensue. I really am going to miss having him around all the time and I know he'll miss being the one at home with Violet every day (me, too). We have just two weeks left before our comfy little summer routine comes to an end. Say it ain't so!

So here's what we've been up to the last week:

// Playing in the sprinkler // Aunt Jeena time // Playing in (or out) her new tent //
// Watching her daddy grill // Sleeping in on the weekend // Farmer's Market //
// Waking up with Prince hair // Still obsessing over sunglasses... //

And that last picture up there? The one with a blurry Violet and a Hannah trying to crawl into a dog crate? It's one of the last pictures I could get of our girls together. My friend, Elizabeth has decided to leave us (because it's all about me here) for bigger, better things in Cambridge, MA. She is headed to Harvard Law this fall! No big deal, right?

She is one of the first local bloggers I met, oh, about 3 years ago and is one of the sweetest people I've ever met. I will miss our lunch dates and chats so much but most of all I'll miss her and her little family being just 5 minutes away. I can't believe how much bigger our girls will be the next time we see each other! Crazy. I really am so excited for their new life and the adventures to come. Best of luck, friend. Harvard is lucky to have you!!

Elizabeth loving on a teeny Violet :)
This "back to school" thing is killing me.
I'd like a forever summer, please. And for friends to never move away!


Amber said...

I'm the same - although I bitch and moan about the heat, I still don't like summer to end!

I am DYING over V's Prince hair. That is hilariously cute!

Anonymous said...

Boo! Back to school is NOT fun. This will be our first year that we haven't gone back to school in a while. Interested to see how it's different! Nat

Anonymous said...

Boo too friends moving away! I have the same feeling and Jen and I are 3 hours apart and yet I'm the one who may do the moving.....again. Stupid that we have to be 'grown ups.' :)
I wish your summer didn't have to end too. I'm sure it's been nice with Ronnie and V having each other all day!

Amanda M. said...

I'm feeling you, this summer has gone by way too fast!

Lauren said...

I know what you mean, super sad summer is over but excited for fall :-)

Mrs. W. said...

You know I've never been one to get excited for fall. I love summer too much, I wish it would last forever!

Sorry your friend moved away! Best of luck to her!


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