Welcome! + Our Engagement Story

Nov 8, 2009

Thank you for stopping by and following us on this crazy journey! I've blogged before but decided I would love to have a journal of all the fun, emotions, drama, tears, laughs, etc that happen during a wedding ... but I'm sure I'll experience all of that throughout just the planning of our wedding :)

To get this party started, here is the story of the proposal:

We'd been saving up for a few months for a trip to San Francisco and Yosemite so I understood when he didn’t give me a birthday gift in September – I knew our first real vacation together was way more important! We finally get to our vacation on 10/2 and spent a couple days in SFO and then on our first night in Yosemite (10/5), we -being the homebodies we are- decided a night of pizza and wine on the deck of our cabin in the mountains would be the perfect night! We get outside in our warm clothes (I was even wearing slippers!) and cover up with blankets and watch the sunset. It was perfect! Then when I was going to go inside to get more wine, he offered to get it for me. He came back out with refilled wine glasses and out of nowhere asked if I was mad that he didn't get me a birthday gift. I said no because being on the trip with him meant more to me. And he said "Well, there was a reason for it" and reached into his zipped up jacket and the whole time I thought he was reaching for a bracelet or even an IPod! ha! :) But it was a small box and as he pulled it out, he got down on one knee (which is where I started bawling!) and said that he never wanted to leave my side and that giving me this ring meant he was making the commitment to take care of me and to create a home with me and then asked "So I just want to know if you will be my wife?"..Through tears I said "Of course!" and I finally had the chance to really take in the ring at this point and started laughing because I was just so surprised and totally in love with my ring! I even asked him "Are you kidding me?!" about the ring.. haha! We hugged and kissed and it was PERFECT. What makes it even better is that he knows me well enough to not make a big show of a proposal; he knew that I just wanted something private and heartfelt and I got just that. I love him so so much! Only thing I'd change about proposal is that we would've had phone service there in Yosemite - I wasn't able to call my parents! haha.. I was able to text people though so that was great. My parents already knew though because he had already asked for their permission.

i love you ronnie :)


Cee said...

Welcome back to blogging!

I am going to give you a little shout out on my blog in honor of your return :)

Jessica said...

You're the best! Thanks for doing that! :)


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