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Dec 31, 2009

Thanks again ladies for all your tips on dealing with my mom drama! You have no idea how much that really means to me..Y'all are the BEST!

So I noticed recently that my Mom had been acting strange when I shared ideas for venue, food, etc. She'd say something like "Oh that's nice" or some random "I'm being a pouty baby so I'm gonna act like I don't care" kinda saying. Yeah it sounds mean to say that about my mom but she is seriously like that - she's also the queen of guilt trips...Love her to death but she really is.

So I finally sat down with her last night and confronted her. I finally just asked "Do you want to help me with this or not? If not, we're getting married in Vegas.". Kinda mean but it needed to be said with all the weirdness she'd been giving. She finally said "Of course I want to, you're my daughter and I want to share this with you. I just stopped giving you ideas because you want what you want and nothing I say even matters." (remember that guilt trip thing I mentioned?) So I finally told her to snap out of it so she can help me and I think it worked. For now :)

And not to turn this into just another venue post but SERIOUSLY y'all, I found a venue yesterday that I'd never even heard of and I truly think this may be it!! It's in a little town called New Braunfels which is north of San Antonio kind of inbetween here and Austin. Ronnie actually grew up right next to this area so finding a place in his "hometown" sounds perfect right? I love it and I think I'm going to stand my ground on it - even if I have to pay for it myself! It's called Seekatz Opera House and is right next to the town square which is always decorated beautifully for Christmas! AAGH! :) I seriously got chills when I found it and it felt REAL when I finally talked to someone who works there and got all the details which seem to be PERFECT. And my date of 12-11-10 is available! I think this may be the ONE! Of course my mom wasn't thrilled with it - she doesn't like the idea of making my in-town family drive 45 minutes away and then back late at night. I get that but no one said I'm making them stay that late, you know? They can leave when they feel is safest for them, right? Right! :) So I'm truly in love with this place and am making an appointment to see it with Ronnie next week. So excited!

Happy New Year!! Enjoy the time with your loved ones and I hope 2010 is absolutely wonderful for you because y'all deserve it!


amy said...

Awww, the Seekatz Opera House is so pretty and a 45 minute drive isn't so bad...I've gone to several weddings where the reception was 30 minutes away from where the church ceremony was held.

It's beautiful and its what you and Ronnie wants that matters.

Amanda Roo said...

Looks like a nice venue! I hope it all works out for you.

I hope your mom is on board with you because even as much as we fought during my wedding planning I would have felt lost without her! My best friend's mom didn't give her any input about her wedding and she found out it was because when she got married her mom did everything. She had absolutely no say at all in any part of her wedding and she resented that and never wanted to put her daughter through that.

Cee said...

Happy New Year! I'm glad you had a talk with your mom, hopefully everything will be smooth from here on. Good luck with the reception location!

Kiera said...

ohhh wedding planning is such fun!@ enjoy every moment- even if your mom is like that.... ahha i know about that


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