30 Day Blog Journal: Days 18-20 (whoops!)

Aug 27, 2010

Day Eighteen: My Wedding.

Well. Have I told y'all we're not getting married next year after all? Yup. looong sigh. We've decided to hold off because Ronnie is in school and depends like crazy on financial aid and grants, which would go away once we're married and they start to factor in my income (Not like I make a ton, but at the moment he's only a student which = he is poor and qualifies for lots of moneys :) Seeing him do so well though has inspired ME to go back too! To pharmacy school! Yikes. Kinda scary but I'm super excited about starting back next Spring!

As for our wedding, I have all kinds of ideas ready to go but I'm really curious to see how my taste changes by the time we get married! The theme I was (am) leaning towards is "Retro Circus". Have y'all seen the movie Big Fish by Tim Burton? It's one of my FAVES. And of course, I love everything retro. So just think big top, candy apples, dark colors, retro...That is my wedding. I want it to be well put together of course but still very casual (we are NOT formal kinda people!). These are the colors I chose:

And here's an inspiration board I had found a while back with a circus theme and I want this, except during the Fall and at night. AAGH! I just want to get married RIGHT NOW!

Day Nineteen: My Talent

Wow. Nothing? I can type really fast while being super accurate, close to 90 WPM..But that's just because I just type all day at work, it was bound to happen!

I'd say the one thing I'm REALLY talented at having some insane music knowledge! Ronnie and my friends get a kick out of flipping radio stations and asking me "Who is this song by?" or "What's the name of this song?" and 95% of the time I can answer it! I'm just obsessed with music. That's not some amazing talent but it's what I'm good at so I'll take it! :)

Day Twenty: One of my hobbies

Baking! It's probably one of the WORST hobbies to have because I just want to eat all my creations but I have so much fun with it! I make cupcakes about once a month for my co-workers and when I make those, I make a bunch extra to keep for home and to give to my parents and siblings. I'll even have my best friend swing by my office after work because I always save her a couple cupcakes :) I can't wait for the day when I have a huge kitchen with tons of counter space and an island.

See you tomorrow (HOPEFULLY) for the next installment ;)

1 comment:

amy said...

Ooh, love the colors! I think a circus themed wedding is an adorable idea!!! :)

Ha ha. Typing was my talent too! :)

Feel free to send some cupcakes my way!! :)


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