30 Day Blog Journal - Day 22

Aug 30, 2010

What do you know, I skipped right over Day 21! :p I said yesterday that I love baking but unfortunately I don't know any of those recipes by heart and they're all at home right now. And if I wait to do this post at home tonight, I WILL FORGET! lol.

Day 22: A website. I definitely have to recommend Mashable.com

I handle our social media at work (funny considering I can't keep up with my own blog!) and find that this site has some great tips that I can actually use. I also just really love staying on top of technology and business news and this site definitely has all the latest! And I'm not an Apple user but if you are, they focus A LOT on these products so that might be helpful to you.. So if you're interested in nerdy techey stuff, definitely check it out!


Kristin said...

I wish I was tech(ier)! HA!

Jessica said...

You know enough to have that awesome site of y'alls, Kristin!! :)


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