30 Day Blog Journal: Day 23

Aug 31, 2010

Hello, ladies!! I finally made it to Day 23 (even though I'm still pretty behind on my days)! This week has gotten off to a busy start at work and I am about done! The trade show I work for is just 30 days away so it is HECTIC up in here! But once I'm at home every night, I want nothing to do with my laptop, I try and not spend much time on the BlackBerry and I try to instead just relax with my boys!

It's been nice doing that the past week and I've actually been able to keep up with my shows, like The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion (Part 1) last night. HOLY CRAPOLA. Did you see it? Man, Theresa is feisty! She's a fighter and I can totally relate to that. lol.. I still freak out over Danielle's psycho personality though. She acts scared of everyone but loves to antagonize everyone with her smirks and bitchy laughs. AGH, makes me want to slap her just thinking of it! ha!

So that brings me to my Day 23 journal : A YouTube video.. It's not technically from YouTube but you get the idea! :) I'm not sure if y'all have already seen this but it's still worth another watch if you have. It's too cute :)

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