September is here!!

Sep 1, 2010

Seriously you guys, you have NO flipping idea how excited I am that we are finally in September. What this month mean to me:

1)We are finally in my birthday month! (Yes I'm one of those annoying birthday people :)
2)It is almost FALL!
3)Lots of good Fall TV premiers!
4)We're one month closer to October and the goodness that is Halloween and cooler weather!
5)I repeat, closer to cooler weather!

Just #5 alone comes with lots of fun stuff but I'll save that list for when it really is cold outside :)

I am just so giddy and ready for Fall! Summer can never fly by fast enough for me!! Am I the only one crazy excited for this time of year?

I'll leave you today with one of the cheesiest videos ever made, by one of my fave old bands, Earth, Wind & Fire. I may or may not be imitating some of these dance moves right now.


amy said...

Yay for soon to be cooler weather!!

Oh and yay for birthday month. What day is it?

anastasia b said...

ah! I'm excited for september for cooler weather too. I live in AZ so summers are HOT! September is still hot but I know soon it'll start to be managable. Plus, holidays are coming!!

xo anastasia b


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