I'm over you, rain!

Sep 8, 2010

So this Tropical Storm Hermine stuff is really annoying me now. We got let out of work 2 hours early yesterday and I'm SO grateful for that because it only got worse. On my way home I had my wipers on full blast and still couldn't see anything! A truck in front of me tried to pull off to the shoulder and nearly went right off the freeway!

When I got home I had the worst tension in my back, it was just such a stressful drive home. But I got there in one piece, took a nap and then let my sweetheart fiance cook me dinner :) (Which by the way was yummerific and I am beyond lucky to have someone around who cooks, Lord knows I can't.)

You think we'd be used to this crazy ass weather down here in south Texas by now but seriously, the rain always washes away people's common sense. There were accidents all over the place and people driving insane - I just can't wait for it to end! My poor doggies are over it too. They've been doing their business on the patio because they get soaked when they get in the yard! lol

oh and check this out! I saw this online earlier - here in SA, a tree was completey uprooted on none other than ...Hermine Blvd... nutzo!


Are you being affected by this weather too? Stay safe out there!

1 comment:

Kristin said...

Oh no...I hope it dries up for your soon!


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