Mini Vacay

Jan 12, 2011

Ok ladies, I think my brain is in another country on vacation at the moment because it sure as hell isn't being used around these parts! I can't seem to focus on much lately other than my boring routine of work, home, work... Ugh. I can't believe I haven't posted since SEPTEMBER! Jeez.

So what have I been up to lately? Well, a whole lot of nothing exciting!
Here's a totally random timeline to prove it:


-I turned 28 (agh!) and had a super fun Birthday weekend with friends, family and my honey. One night was beer and pizza with friends, the next was a romantical date with my man, then time with the family! It was perfect!
-Topping off the month was my birthday gift from Ronnie - an Android phone that I have not put down since :D
-Oh, and somewhere in that month we decided to move in with my parents while Ronnie finished school, to help us save money since he would not be working.

This is the ONLY picture taken during my birthday weekend. Taken with my lovely new phone!

I went on my annual work trip of 2 weeks to Las Vegas where we worked hard but played even harder (yadda yadda, it was nuts!).
When I got back, Ronnie and I did our usual extensive Halloween costume planning (really, it was probably 2 conversations) and as usual...Did any of it happen? Of course not!
But there were bigger things to focus going on a vacation to Denver! We loved the crap out of this trip and even though we only spent 4 days there, it was amazing!

With my love at the top of Pikes Peak!

-I started listening to Christmas music daily. Seriously, from the 1st of November!
-Did some
Christmas shopping and was absolutely determined to finish it all before Dec. 1st. But somewhere in that month, I began to procrastinate and that didn't exactly happen.
-Had a super fun Thanksgiving with our families (and probably gained 5 lbs that day!)
-Did some major Black Friday shopping with my mom and sis. It's our favorite crazy person past time!
-Ronnie and I got another crazy idea that instead of moving in with my parents, we would just move to Austin!! Why the hell not! (seems simple enough to move an hour away....right?)

The crazy ladies (sis, Mom & me) at 4 am on Black Friday. At none other than Target!

We officially decided we would NOT be moving in with my parents as previously planned. Too many people, too many dogs, just too much stress!
-Since that decision, we found ourselves a cute, brand new apartment that we are in love with (it's not in Austin but that's OK) and I will be Ronnie's sugar mama for the next 2 years! (The things we do for our loves!)
-Then came the holidays. My favorite time of year but it was VERY stressful for us as usual, with the splitting of family time and all, but we ended up having a really good time! Afterwards I realized I just stress WAY too effin much during the Holidays.
We managed to get some cute Christmas cards made AND acutally mailed them! Score!
JANUARY!: We move into our super cute apartment NEXT FRIDAY! Since we've given our 30 day notice, there's been some hardcore cleaning, Craigslist'ing and packing going on lately. And who knew you had to deal with house showings even when you're just RENTING the house?!. But since we did a lot to the house in the 2 years that we've been here, it got rented out just 3 days after the "For Rent" sign went up! (You're welcome, RE/MAX!).

So that's pretty much it! I've definitely been reading all of your blogs (and talking still with many of you on Twitter!) but I haven't been commenting much and I apologize for that. Just seems so much trouble to "log in" in order to comment. ha! Happy New Year, y'all! :)


Muffy said...

There he is!!!!!! Look at that pretty little doxy face! Love your pup!!!! Crazy doxy ladies unite!!!

Jessica Renee said...

Aww thanks! I actually have 2! They just kinda blend in in that pic :p


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