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Jan 31, 2011

Everyone's talking about Valentine's Day right now and it has me thinking about the fact that Ronnie and I don't even celebrate it! We do have a good reason though - our anniversary [Feb. 27] is just a couple weeks after so we usually just wait and celebrate then. Plus it's way more romantical for us when we're not sitting in a super crowded restaurant! Another "tradition" we break is not giving eachother a gift. We usually put our money towards a really good dinner so we've never worried about gifts and we're totally ok with that! But this year is different!

We will be celebrating 5 years together and I have decided to change this tradition of non gifting! We are going to give eachother a simple and fun gift, $30 or under. It's a bit of a challenge but I'm super excited! We are planning to go out for a nice dinner too but I think adding in a special gift will make this the best anniversary yet!

So thinking of gifts, Ronnie loves stuff for our house (well, apartment now) so I'm always looking for that kind of stuff but I've found a couple good non-house gifts too! These are my ideas so far:

{I found this in an Etsy shop and LOVE it! It matches our "hello." welcome mat so that might be cute, huh?}

{He has mentioned wanting this from Urban Outfitters...but do I really want it up at the house? ha!}

{He's been talking about this print from Urban Outfitters a ton but the large one's $55! But I love it too so I may just splurge!}

{I totally LOL'ed when I found this tshirt! It's not exactly lovey dovey but that's just our sense of humor! And since Ronnie's heritage is Scottish, I think he'd love this! He'll probably even repeat it in his best Scottish accent. lol}
{Ronnie hearts the Texans like I heart cupcakes! He'd hate that comparison but it's true. ha! He also hearts his caps to have mesh on the back so I thought this cap would be super cool.}

That's all I have so far...What do y'all think? Any ideas?

I'm super excited to give him the gift [whatever I finally choose!] but I'm most excited that I have such a sweet honey to gift...and love of course ;)

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Amanda Roo said...

Ok, just now my google reader updated with like 6 past entries that I didn't know were there. Grr. Now to catch up on reading!


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