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Feb 1, 2011

...called in sick. I couldn't even help it; the wind that blew in with this "arctic front" really messed me up. I woke up and my nose was completely stuffed, my chest was heavy, my eyes burned like no other and I couldn't stop coughing and sneezing! I'm feeling much better tonight though.

....did more unpacking instead of relaxing on my sick day. But what can I say, I'm anal and can't live in an apartment full of boxes. [did I tell y'all that we moved to another apartment in the same complex, by the way? Yeah we did that this past weekend. and it sucked. But we're much happier in our new, quieter place!]

...was dragged out of the house tonight because the fiance was desperate to buy some stuff for the new place but was worried about buying stuff I didn't like. Aww :) So we went to Target and I picked out a bunch of new, fluffy towels, bath rugs, shower curtain and a mirror for over the fireplace..oh and Skittles too.

...came home after shopping and broke my tooth. The Skittles are what pushed my tooth over the edge but I can't blame my favorite candy - it was bound to happen. I think a silver filling I'd gotten done a couple years ago was overfilled and it left me very little tooth surrounding. UGH! It's totally gross and I can't find an emergency dentist who is actually returning pages tonight so I guess I have to wait till tomorrow morning. Until then, I'm doped up on pain meds and will sleep GOOD tonight! Good night, y'all!

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