Snow in South Texas?

Feb 8, 2011

Seriously. Last Friday, it SNOWED in San Antonio! The only snowfall I've ever seen in town was back in 1985 and I was only 3 years old so that pretty much doesn't count! And so what that we only got 0.4" of snow? lol. It was still enough to stick to the ground and make everything so pretty and white - at least until the sun came out at noon and melted it all! ha!

It was such a fun feeling, waking up around 7 am, thinking I'd have to go into work because surely it wouldn't really snow and then finding out it really had! I was like a child, tiptoeing to peek out the window and then seeing this view from our apartment window! After much squealing, I got bundled up and dragged Ronnie out of bed too so we could take the dogs for their morning walk. It was freezing but so gorgeous outside. I didn't want the snow to ever go away! (I'm sure your Northerners think I'm ridiculous! ha!). It was just so peaceful and the busy main street we live off of was dead silent. The best part of it snowing is that the whole city shuts down since we south Texans do not know how to drive in icey/snowy conditions! :) All the kids got a snow day, including my college student fiance and then I got a text from my boss telling us not to come in. Yeah, snow day!

Here are just a few of the 20+ pics I took on our super duper exciting snow day! 

 Me walking the dogs. I look even more ginormous, all bundled up. ha!  
I HAD to write all of our names in the snow! Only one who got left out was the cat. Whoops! 
Ronnie's turn for a pic with the boys!
The cross street right next to our apartment building. 
And my cutie boys, Niles & Frasier! I think their sweaters are still packed up but they were champs and didn't whine at all!

The funniest thing was the day before the "snowpocalypse" (as people were calling it around here. ha!) it was SOOOO freaking cold that it froze the fountain near my office building! Oh the things that amaze us Texans! 

It's supposedly going to get super cold again tomorrow and cause some snow flurries which I'm sure will ice over the roads and if it does, there will be some major accidents going on out there :( I'm hoping the boss tells us to come in late!


Amanda Roo said...

LOL I can't believe they closed school for that amount of snow. But you're right, people in south texas do NOT know how to drive in the snow lol We get lots of snow up here all the time. Today was our first snow day.

Mrs. Lopez said...

Thats nice. I love seeing snow. They kept saying it was gonna snow in Houston and of course it didn't but we did get a day off for the ice storm!


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