Someone hold me.

Feb 9, 2011

I feel the sickness coming on.

Since mid last week (our first full week in the new apartment), every time the heater comes on I feel scratchiness in my throat and immediately start coughing. And when I wake up in the mornings I am beyond stuffy and congested. And today, my body has become achey.

It could just be my hypochondriac side coming out and convincing me that our apartment is full of mold and is un-liveable or it could be that my co-worker who was practically dying all last week [yet still came in to work] may have passed his cold or flu on to me. It could aaalso be allergies.

I'm not sure what it is but I feel like someone [and I'm thinking they have a big butt] is sitting on my chest and it hurts SO bad when I breathe and cough! I can't stop coughing either and even laughing brings on a bad coughing fit. Poor people who have made me laugh this week, I may have yelled at them :(

I keep going back to the apartment thing though. Could the air ducts need a good cleaning? Would a dirty a/c filter affect me this badly? Is there mold in our apartment and if so, would it even hit me this quickly? I'm kinda freaking out, y'all. Ronnie did admit he's been feeling a bit of scratchiness in his throat too when the a/c or heater comes on so tonight he is going to pick up a DIY mold test from Home Depot. Hopefully it will show nothing's wrong so I can move on and start focusing on my plot against my virus-carrying co-worker. Or you know, see a doctor.

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Amanda Roo said...

Ew. Let's hope it's just you getting sick and not MOLD.


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