Stompy McGee

Jan 26, 2011

Last night in our apartment was WONDERFUL! The upstairs neighbor apparently was alone last night [or baby was just very tired and not in the mood for running] so we had a fabulous, quiet evening. We watched The Big Bang Theory Season 1 DVD [I heart Sheldon!], ate some takeout and snuggled on the couch in our newly quiet apartment...

But the fun ended this morning! I have no idea how a 130 lb. woman walks so hard? She might even be the biggest klutz around too because she's constantly dropping stuff throughout the apartment. Thank God it was only disturbing my morning getting-ready-for-work routine or else I might've gone crazy!

We have decided though to try our best to deal with this for a couple of weeks and if it doesn't get any better, we are going to ask the manager to move us to a quieter building. It will suck to move again but if it's to finally get us some peace and quiet, I will do anything!

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Jessica Renee said...

AAGH what happened to my comment? Sorry, Jessica, I used a blogger app on my droid and it messed up comments! :(


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