Let's be honest.

Jan 25, 2011

I regret moving out of our house.

Just 4 days in our new apartment and I am NOT adjusting well to being back in an apartment. You know, hearing doors slam, hearing others' TV's. I am just not dealing well but I must say I have a champ of a fiance who has been NOTHING but sweet and totally on my side through all of my complaining. But to make all of this worse, we realized that there is a single mom living above us with a 2 year old. Seems innocent enough, right? Not exactly. We only found out about this child because of the fact that she does not walk, but RUNS everywhere through their apartment! Since we were home all day yesterday unpacking we found that from 6:30-8:30 am she is running non stop and then it seems she's in daycare up until 2:30 at which point the running begins again and then does not stop until 8:00 pm, her bedtime I'm assuming. We already had heard the running all weekend too so I'd had enough. Around 3pm yesterday I found my "balls" and went upstairs and introduced myself and this is how it went:

Me: Hi, I'm Jessica and I'm your new neighbor downstairs.
Her: Nice to meet you. [Yup, that's it]
Me: Yeah you too! Hey, I was just wondering is someone running up here?
Her: I have a 2 year old [in a very short, already defensive tone]
Me: Oh ok, that makes sense. Well [this is a lie but I had to] I actually sleep sometimes during the day due to my work schedule so is it possible to maybe keep it down a little? [At this point I'm hating myself for being nice when I really just want to knock her out for already being so stand off-ish]
Her: There's nothing I can do, she's a child and I'm not trying to be a bitch but come on. It's not like I can keep her in a highchair all day.
Me: Well I would never ask you to do that, I just thought I'd talk to you because it is REALLY loud down here and is pretty non-stop.
Her: Yeah sorry there's really nothing I can do.
Me: Well, ok then. [Highly confused by her defensiveness]
Her: Ok, sorry [in a NOT sorry at all, FU kinda way] *shuts door*

WOW. I was FUMING. So where did I go next? To talk to the manager, who had apparently just received a call from that girl giving a sob story about how she now has to worry about being too loud and will feel guilty every day just living her life and she shouldn't have to defend her 2 year old...blah blah blah. I mean I am not saying her child should be sedated but COME ON! You realize you're upstairs above people, why wouldn't you at least try to be conscientious of your noise level, right? So the manager apologizes to me and then says that they just so happen to be trying to transfer that girl into a downstairs 2 bedroom but none are available yet and to just wait it out. So this means she's leaving (THANK GOD) but who knows when and I am just praying to God that I can deal with this until she moves out.

I'm not sure what else to do at this point though, Ronnie and I are going INSANE with the constant noise. Did I mention the child also throws and drops toys constantly? AGH! What should I do?? Wait it out? Beg to be transferred to another apartment?? I'm just so upset! We did the "right" thing by getting a bottom floor apartment because of our dogs [who by the way don't run nearly as much as that girl!] and we are totally getting screwed and I just feel so helpless now. Remind me again why we left our house???


Muffy said...

UGH, that is AWFUL. What a horrid woman. Oh well, karma is a bitch! She'll get hers! Boo on her.

Jessica Renee said...

I love karma, it totally is true!

amy said...

Oh, that sucks!!!

Amanda Roo said...

She's probably defensive because she's heard it before. I'm sure you're not the first who have complained on her. I'm sure it's frustrating for her but I feel that you have to consider others when you're living that close to others. Whether it's dogs or children.. the space is not ruled by anyone. I hope they ship her out fast.


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