My last traffic headache

Jan 21, 2011

Ok so I'm sure I'll drive in traffic plenty more times in my life but for now I am excited that today was my last long drive in to work! Starting Monday my commute to work will only be 8 minutes! Hallelujer! My drive has been about 35 minutes (at minimum!) the past 2 years and while that may not seem like a lot to some, the traffic stressed me out beyond belief. Poor Ronnie is commuting out of town for school and moving will even cut about 30 minutes off of his drive!

So today I'm getting off work early and will head just the 8 minutes to our new apartment with my already loaded car and start moving stuff the first load in! It's going to be crazy hectic all weekend but I know by Monday I can just relax (somewhat) and start unpacking and setting up the new place! :)

I do have to say though that the saddest part of leaving is knowing we won't have our own little space anymore. We'll have neighbors on the side of us and above us, we won't have a backyard, we won't have space for out of town guests...but I'll especially miss our quiet street that I really loved during the Fall/winter...(there I go, getting sentimental again). It was just always so serene - it's kinda hard to leave :(

But I know it's time to move on and this will be better for us! Here's to new adventures!

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