Happy {?} Monday

Mar 14, 2011

I am SO not a fan of the stupid time change and I'm so not a fan of today's humid weather. But at least my bosses are still out of town all week and it was another good weekend for the books! I'm just trying hard to think positive!

Ok. Since I have the world's worst memory, I'll probably be doing a lot of weekend recaps just so I can look back on them one day! Thanks for hanging in there ;)

Saturday, Ronnie and I picked up my BFF Michelle and we headed downtown for Luminaria, a huge art festival and even though it took an hour to find a parking spot, it was worth it! The weather was awesome and sooo breezy, my favorite! We walked around forever and saw some pretty good art exhibits and got to hear a couple of decent bands but the best part was just being outside in that weather!

Michelle, Ronnie & Me
{My phone takes crappy nighttime pics!!}

Afterward we walked down to the Riverwalk {very touristy of us! :p} and had some yummy margaritas and dinner at the Republic of Texas, along with some hilarious people watching.

Then we headed to a coffehouse that we love and enjoyed some yummy coffee out on their patio and the 3 of us ended up talking for a good couple hours. I'm seriously happy that my fiance and bff get along so well! :)

Yesterday we tried to sleep in but the dogs did not let us. But we managed to get out of the grump moods and have a good day! Ronnie and I went out for breakfast, did some shopping, drove around and "chose" {more like dreamt about} our favorite future neighborhoods and then went home to relax with our doggie boys. We rented the movie The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe & Elizabeth Banks and it was super suspenseful! I'd recommend it for a movie night!

After all that, today I am dead. I swear I have been going in and out of consciousness all morning and I am SO looking forward to going to bed tonight! ha! My Starbucks didn't even help and I have a freaking press release to write today for work - Lord, help me write something decent on such little sleep! :p So how was your weekend?

& Happy Monday! {isn't that an oxymoron?}


courtney said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend!

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

Happy Monday is an oxymoron! I totally agree, yet I keep ending all my Monday posts that way. Guess it's wishful thinking. I love the riverwalk, would love to live somewhere with a little more choice in weekend activity than here in the boonies.

Dirt On The Rocks said...

oh I absolutely love art shows, exhibits, festivals so this would definitely be something I'd love if we had down here. Looks like tons of fun


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