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Mar 8, 2011

I'm pretty sure I talk about my fiance a ton but I liked this idea when I saw it on Jinny's blog yesterday so I'm gonna copy her! Besides, everyone should meet the heroic man who has decided to put up with me all these years!..I surveyed him last night at dinner and these were his answers. I'm not sure he was super interested in it but at least I got some answers out of him! {and of course, I added in my own commentary. ha!}

{i love this pic I took of him when we were driving through Colorado on our trip last year.
He's the only person I know who finds driving to be relaxing!}

Name: Ronald Cory

Nickname(s): Ronnie, Ronaldo, Bubba, Gumba

Age: 30 in 2 months

Occupation: Full-time student, future Food Scientist

Dream job: Nutrition research

Hobbies: Playing basketball, Movies, Internet research, Art, Weight training, Farmer's Markets and sleeping!

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Food: Tres Leches cake, Mexican food

Favorite Movie(s): Lord of The Rings {He totally left out The Hangover and I Love You, Man but he quotes these movies constantly!}

Favorite Band(s): Most classic rock, old country and cheesy metal

Early Bird or Night Owl: Depends {Early bird all the way. He is annoyingly chipper in the morning. ha!}

Favorite meal made by Jess: So many to choose! {That was sarcasm - I don't cook.}

Favorite meal made by your mom: Chicken & dumplings

#1 thing you can't live without: Our little family and the Internet

Best concert you've been to: Styx, no lie

Next trip you want to take: San Diego, which hopefully we can do this summer!

If you won the lottery: School loans would dissapear and I'd buy you the big house you deserve.

Bravest thing you've ever done: Deciding to go back to college in my mid 20s

Most fun thing you've ever done: Our Yosemite/San Francisco trip

If you had your own blog, it would be about: Nutrition Science. Boom. {Yup. Biggest nerd I know}


courtney said...

This was so cute! You can tell Ronnie that Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie(s) as well (and I also didn't like the Hangover) and I quote it a lot too!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

I thought this was a cute idea. I love when women blog about their men. I love hearing the cute little stories or even arguments they get into. I love that they're completely proud of their partner which is awesome. I enjoyed reading his little survey :)

Ms Kayso said...

Hey, this is kristine from "Living on a Ballroom Dance Floor". Unfortuantly, I am having a lot of problems with my blog so I had to make a new one on this profile. I hope you still follow.

but this is too cute. I want to do one with my boyfriend!


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