Busy Weekend Recap

Mar 7, 2011

This weekend was so busy and I love it that way!

Friday night, I saw Wicked with my mom and sis, for her 17th birthday! She was super excited but I'm so bummed that all my pictures came out really bad. My damn flash always whites everyone out. It was such an amazing show but I have to admit I was VERY bored by a couple songs. { Just keeping it real! :p }

Saturday, Ronnie & I just did some driving and ended up in Gruene where we had an amazing lunch at the Gruene River Grill and had the best view of the Guadalupe River. I had this exact salad {stolen from their website} and I wish this place was close by because I could go for some more right about now! :p Afterwards, we scoured the Gruene River Antique Shop - I freaking love that place!

Saturday night, I went to dinner with two of my three BFF's from high school. We lost touch after high school but were reunited through Facebook recently and figured it was time for a real reunion! We ended up talking at the restaurant for FIVE hours! During that time my phone died and I had an upset fiance when I got home because he'd been so worried. ha! I'm a fool for not taking any pics that night but we had a blast and will definitely be doing that again - next time hopefully the missing BFF can make it!

Sunday, I hung out with this hottie and his great family at Landa Park.

We had a little bbq for his Mom's bday which included lots of yummy food, lots of laughs and trying out some whipped cream flavored vodka for the first time. {that shiz was amazing!} We're so lucky the weather turned out to be gorgeous! It felt sooo good sitting directly in the sun all afternoon...Not so much later when we got in the car and realized we were incredibly sunburned but it was worth it :)

Then after all that sun, we had a relaxing night at home full of cuddling on the couch with the dogs, laughing our a's off at tosh.o and then we finally knocked out......for 9 whole hours!!

But today? I currently feel like I had about 3 hours of sleep and am beyond irritated with everyone at work. ha! Coffee has been no help either. {note to self: 9 hours = bitch and a half the next day.}

Anywho...Hope y'all have a Happy Monday!


amy said...

Y'all are adorable!!

courtney said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! That salad looks yummy!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

Sounds like a really good weekend. The salad looks delicious! I think you and your fiance look great together :)

Kristin said...

BBQs with the fam are the best!


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