Night Out - Take 2

Mar 18, 2011

Last night, we flaked out on our exciting St. Patty's night plans. Ronnie had some trouble with his car overheating and it turned out he needed a new thermostat. So after I stood by for an hour and a half and he changed out the parts, neither of us were in the mood to go out anymore. He was a greasy mess and we were both starving so we decided to just pick up some food and head home to hang out with our boys. And really, how could we want to be anywhere else when we have these precious fools to hang out with!

Yup, there's 2 dogs in the picture. Niles just climbed up and with his big booty, shoved poor Frasier into the corner. Funny how they can sleep so contently in such odd positions.

Tonight though we are making up our date night by heading to Boardwalk on Bulverde. It's a new place that just opened up and it's where all the mobile food trucks in town meet up. There's picnic tables, a big screen showing movies or whatever game is on that night and it's BYOB! You just show up with your drinks, buy whatever food you want from the different trucks and just hang out. Totally our kind of place and I'm super excited! We haven't done a lot of fun stuff lately with Ronnie being so busy with school so I'm definitely cherishing the free time he has while on Spring Break!

Hope y'all have a fantabulous weekend! Tell me all about it!


amy said...

Ooh, that sounds like fun!

Have a great weekend! :)

The Branches said...

I hope you all are enjoying your precious time together!!! Enjoy every second!

Michelle said...

That place sounds like a BLAST!!!! I would love that!

Jessica Renee said...

Thanks, y'all! We had a wonderful weekend! :)


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