An early weekend recap

Mar 20, 2011

I know it's still technically the weekend but the fun is pretty much over...And this makes me sad! :( Ronnie's Spring Break is over and he's getting back into school mode and studying right now. Me? I got back into my normal wifey mode all day - laundry, dishes, dog walking, vacuuming. FUN! But the weekend was another great one and I'm bummed to be back to being the college widow again!

So Friday, we headed down to that place where all the mobile food trucks park and we LOVED it. We took some beer {our fave, Blue Moon!}, Ronnie visited the BBQ truck and I visited the hot dog truck. It was pretty overpriced {$7 for the chili cheese dog!} but it was yummy and being there was a fun experience! It was a breezy night and there were a ton of people just hanging out. I love that kinda stuff!

Then Saturday started off as a lazy day...It was such a beautiful day and I spent the morning on the balcony enjoying the breeze and some yummy iced coffee Ronnie made us. Our cat spent the whole morning out there and we really forget how much she used to love being in the backyard when we were renting a house. So we moved her bed outside and she was in heaven!

We eventually headed out and decided to drive to Canyon Lake {where Ronnie's from} and stopped for some BBQ and then took a drive down River Road. Gas prices too high? Tell that to Ronnie who loves to drive and says nothing will stop him. ha! It was such an awesome day though for an outdoor BBQ joint and for a pretty drive along the river! I can't wait 'til the river's warm enough to get into!

{he is SO cute!}

Afterwards, we made a Starbucks stop which I desperately needed! Here I embarrassed Ronnie and asked the cashier to ring up our drinks separately so I could get credit for buying 2 drinks..Ha! I'm telling you, I am determined to get that damn Starbuck's Gold card! At least the guy was cool and totally understood.

{I still suck at taking self portraits. ha!}

Then we headed home to our boys and took them to the Dog Park near our apartment. It was our first time there and it was a pretty stressful experience. The small dog area of the park is fenced in so we let them loose but there were dogs there that I think were too big for this area so we were just on edge every time the big dogs would come around. But it was fine and we met a really nice couple there who have a wiener dog too and we made plans to see them there next Saturday!

So that was the weekend til now. Today, I have not even left the house. I have been vegging out since finishing my chores and watching all kinds of crappy Sunday TV! lol. I'm also just trying to get myself mentally prepared for my bosses being back in the office tomorrow {after being gone 2 weeks!}. It was nice while it lasted :)

Happy almost Monday! :)


Dirt On The Rocks said...

blue moon! i haven't had anything to drink in a long while. i remember always detesting beer it just hasn't been my type of drink. i would usually get a corona my friend finally convinced me to try a blue moon and OMFG its actually pretty delicious! lol now it's the ONLY beer i'll drink, haha.sounds like you had a great chill time with your hubby :)

Anonymous said...

yummmmm...Blue Moon and sweet pups!! Looks like a great evening to me!

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

Sounds like a good weekend! We live in Southwest Missouri.

Kristin said...

Mmmmmmm. I just LOVE Blue Moon! In fact, I think I need to go pick some up!


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