A Heritage Weekend

Apr 4, 2011

I just looked at my Google Reader and I have 60+ unread items and that's only since Saturday. Dude, y'all have been busy!! But I guess I was busy too because I haven't had the chance to sit down and catch up on y'alls blogs. I promise I will be getting to that this afternoon. Work can wait - blogging is important!!

So Saturday, I went to my cousin's bridal shower and that was a lot of fun! We played the usual silly games which made for a good time and my cousin and his future Mrs. got a ton of cool gifts. It just made me sooo impatient for my showers..and our wedding of course! ;) After that, I headed on out with my man for some errands, a yummy dinner and some late night coffee! We heard this great acoustic band at the coffee house and it was just a super chill, perfect night.

Then on Sunday...Oh, Sunday...the day Ronnie had been looking forward to ALL YEAR. The day of the San Antonio Highland Games! He was like a kid on Christmas morning, no joke. Ronnie's family is Scottish so he was beyond excited about this; it was actually kinda cute. We got to see the strong men games {and oh yes, they were in kilts!}, some viking role playing, ate some Scottish food and heard some Scottish and Irish music. It was fun!

{Ronnie used to power lift and wants to start again so he can join in the games next year...
I think my strong man would fit right in ;)}

{Talking to the people from the Scottish Society of San Antonio}

{the bagpipers}

{me and my love!}
{I swear we don't wear the same shirts every day as this blog might imply :p}

{and i just thought this was cute..."A little kindess goes a long way". Agreed!}

It ended up being a really cool event and Ronnie got to feel like he was at home with his Scottish peeps! ;) He'd already done a lot of research on his family history before and was able to trace his family right down to the exact village that they came from in Scotland. That's super cool, right??

It got me to thinking though that with my family, I've just always gone with "My grandparents were from Mexico so I'm Mexican American"...but I just wonder what happened before them? My dad seems to think we have Spanish roots just a few generations before his parents but there's no one around to confirm that. My grandmother {his mom} is my only grandparent who is still alive but she's sick and unable to give much info. I've tried ancestry.com and that was hard because the Mexicans back then didn't keep good records and while I was able to find my grandparents on there, I couldn't find my great grandparents. It's pretty sad that I got stumped so early on. But I would love to know more about my history so I was actually thinking about visiting with a genealogist to see if they're able to help me. Any of y'all tried that or know someone who has?

Where's your family from? I'd love to hear your stories!! Hope you're having a good Monday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Welcome back! Looks like you had a great weekend! I looove ancestry stuff and festivals :) My family is Eastern European and Russian.Although it wasn't hard to trace back because my grandparents were the first generation to come to the US. Keep us updated if you find out more info!

Susan said...

Hi! So I think I would have really enjoyed that Scottish festival- so fun!!

I have been really successful doing genealogy. My dad's side was pretty easy but my mom's side was much more difficult. My grandparents were immigrants. Anyway, I have had a lot of luck between familysearch.org and ancestry.com and just good old fashioned microfilms. I spent a lot of time doing it last summer and plan to again this summer. The people at my local library helped me A TON and I was able to access ancestry.com for free there.

I would be happy to help you if you want! I think it's sooo interesting. :)


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