My First Target Tuesday!

Apr 12, 2011

Hello, ladies! I hope your week's been great so far! I am ready for Friday because I'm OFF and will get to partake in some Fiesta goodness all weekend!

So are y'all as obsessed with Target as I am? I could literally walk in needing nothing and still walk out with some goodies! It even brings back memories being there because when I first met Ronnie, I was happy to find out that he was just as obsessed with Target as I was! So during many of our dates, we would end up at Target somehow and mostly browse for our "future place" together. Awww, young love :p

But anyway, I REALLY love Target! And I'm in the mood for adding some new accessories to our place so these are the things I may go broke trying to collect!
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We need more lighting in the bedroom so I've been looking for nightstand lamps and I LOVE the retro vibe of this one. And it's a good thing I don't like being matchy matchy cause this one's $149 which means...
imma only buy ONE. lol.

I'm pretty tired of our old birch colored IKEA shelving so I've been thinking of getting a couple of these. It's kinda short but I love the style and the color.

Our current shower curtain is still fairly new but for some reason I am always wanting to change out the shower curtain! And I am in love with this one! Ronnie doesn't get involved with the decorating but he miiight have a problem with the pinkness of this one. We shall see!

Ooooh and I'd love a couple of these toss pillows for our bed. Isn't it SO pretty??! :)
Dwell can do no wrong I swear!
Ok now this one I really want just for the hell of it! I like making birthday cupcakes with cones but this one can make the actual cupcake look like a cone instead of having to use real cones. It's efficient AND cute which means I need it, right? :)

Hope y'all can get some shopping done soon - I know I'm dying to!
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Happy Tuesday, ladies! :)


TanaLicious said...

Love the lamp and that pillow - so fun!!

tara said...

I really love the shower curtain and pillow! So pretty and fun! Glad you linked up! :)

Anonymous said...

1. I wish that David was more like Ronnie. I can barely get him to look at Target from a distance, let alone get him to step foot in that amazing store.
2. I want that pillow.
Have a good afternoon girl!

Amanda said...

Your Target has much cuter stuff than our Target's here in Australia!! I can't wait to head over there and check out Target and my beloved Anthropologie....

I love the shower curtain, cushion and that lamp is to die for!

Jayme said...

Hello, I'm here from the link up party and I have to say that shower curtain is amazing! I know exactly what you mean about a guys taste though, I think my bf would flip if that was in our bathroom.

[SMASH] said...

Cool Target finds! :) It's my 2nd Target Tuesday and it's so much fun because I looooove Target. :D Thanks for the note. I'm following you back now, too. Your blog is adorable and I LOVE your title!

Crystal said...

That muffin tin is a-mazing! SO cute!

FemminaDaVinci said...

I love the shelves. You could definitely stack them to make them higher!! And the dessert cones are TOO CUTE!! If you get them, you will have to let us know if they come out as cute as the pictures!

Shelley said...

Wow, I've never seen cone shapes cupcakes before!! Cute! What if they fall over though? :-)


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