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Apr 20, 2011

Hello, my friends!! It's such a muggy day here and I'm not too thrilled about it but hey, it's Wednesday and I only have one day of work left this week. Holla for a 3 day weekend! Are you off too?

So instead of the usual WILW, I'm linking up today with Leigh Ashley for Wee Bit Wednesday!
You can join in below!

{one} how often do you do laundry?
Oh god way too much. I do a couple loads for myself, Ronnie does a couple for himself and then I do another load of just doggy blankets {they're spoiled and have 3 in their crate and one on the couch! ha}

{two} what is your favorite type of cookie?
White chocolate macadamia nut ALL.THE.WAY!

{three} what would you do with an extra $2000 per month?
I'd first get myself a bad ass personal trainer, set aside a shopping fund and then save the rest!!

{four} what was/is your favorite subject in school?
Definitely math! You either get it right or you're wrong and my mind likes things to work that way :)

{five} have you ever ridden in a hot air balloon?
Never have but would LOVE to!

{six} what was your high school mascot?

{seven} if you had the chance to go into space, would you?
Nope. Not even a chance. I'm super claustrophobic and just imagining it is already freaking me out. For reals.

{eight} how often do you go dancing?
Umm. Never. I'm not a big dancer anymore so the last time I went was probably 8, 9 years ago in my ghetto, booty dancin', clubbing days. Don't laugh - you were out there shaking it too!

{nine} would you rather drive or fly?
Drive. I love road trips more than anything!!

{ten} have you ever been caught re-gifting?
Have I re-gifted? YES. Was I caught? No way! I've only done it a couple times to people I wasn't close with and the gifts were brand new, perfect condition and something I thought they would actually like. I swear I'm not cheap like that! 

Well that's all I've got today! Not sure what else to say now that you've made the decision to never be in a gift exhange with me.

Have a great Wednesday, you guys!! :D


Anonymous said...

I do a special dog load of laundry every week also!
I have re-gifted and have gotten caught. Classy I know...

[SMASH] said...

Love your answer to #3 -- personal training & shopping should definitely go hand in hand. :)

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

I've got Friday off too! So excited. I also regift, but I try to make a note not to give it to someone in the same circle as who gave it to me. :)

Julie {love, julie} said...

I love these questions! I love road trips too but I hate doing the actual driving!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Jaime said...

How fun is this!! I am sooo claustrophobic too its terrible!

Have a good week


Amanda said...

For someone who lives on her own, I do a lot of laundry!

I love this :)

Dirt On The Rocks said...

oh gee yea i do laundry all the time! it's like definitely never ending. lol i've also regifted a couple times never got caught either haha

Just Jinny said...

*ahem* I have never shaked my booty.

Are you believing me?


KSK said...

oh yes! ghetto booty club dancin' -- it's the ONLY way to dance :)
**I think I should set up a shopping fund too!!!

*Thanks for finding this link! I copied you and linked up as well! (as you know, since you commented me--I've been on and off this all day!)


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