I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it

Apr 21, 2011

I had been doing so well for over a month and then Fiesta came...and I was "forced" to blow my entire diet.

I pigged out for 3 days straight on burgers, fries, gorditas, kettle corn, beer, a corn dog, more beer...and I was in heaven. Fattie heaven, that is...Then Monday came and Ronnie and I said "this is for sure our last bad meal" {I've lost count of how many times we've said that phrase around here}...So we went to live it up for our "last meal"...We had our favorite burger ever, The Cheddar Cheeze from Chris Madrid's and I'm still salivating at the thought of it...It's ooey gooey cheesy and probably the best worst thing you'll ever eat.

{oh you KNOW I took a picture.}
{and you KNOW Ronnie got mad at me for keeping evidence of our horrible cheating.}

Then came Tuesday...then Wednesday and as each day passed, I talked myself into believing that it was "just a break" and I'd start it up again tomorrow. It's always freaking tomorrow. Hello, waiting until tomorrow is what got me to this point! I'm a damn good eater but I don't know when to stop. And if you are struggling or have struggled with obesity, you know what I mean. It's not setting an alarm to eat a tub of ice cream in the middle of the night kinda addiction, it's almost like in the moment your brain completely forgets that healthy food options even exists. It's just way too easy to always say yes to the bad food.

Just writing about the food I ate makes me want to hide in shame but I know if there's any place I can go and not be judged, it's my own blog! I'm glad I'm writing it down though because it makes me realize yet again just how important healthy eating is. So today, I tried. And I ate much better and waaay less. I'm actually within my calorie limit and as long as I do good with dinner too, I'm golden. I'm feeling less bloated today and I LOVE that feeling. I've missed that in the past week.

I leave on a work trip next Sunday and I had grand plans of buying all kinds of cute clothes, at least 2 sizes smaller..But is that going to happen? No. I'm down 1 size and while that's great and all, it's not good enough. I didn't try as hard as I could've in the past month and I totally freaking gave up in the last week. I need to step it up, y'all! It's already 90 degrees here and I NEED to be in tank top shape for the summer {I hate my chunky arms FYI}...So anyway, here's to hitting publish and keeping myself freaking accountable. I'm excited to start kicking ass FOR REAL this time!

Thanks for listening :D Hope y'all have had an awesome Thursday!!


Anonymous said...

Hey we all have been there! Every now and then we splurge more than we'd gave liked to. Good for you for realizing this sooner rather than later...you go girl!!

[SMASH] said...

Did you write this directly out of my brain?? I struggle with eating & my weight so we are in the same boat. But it's like WHY does all the BAD food taste SO GOOD? I'm great in the fitness department but food is my downfall. I need a good kick in the pants soon!

Amanda said...

Oh, you are so like me!! I just had a little think about my life and choices lately, and quite frankly, I'm ashamed. You can do it!!

KSK said...

Oh man! That cheeseburger looks so good! I'm with you on the whole food thing! And it's so hard to stop the binge after you've started!!! But you can do it!!! Lettuce tastes really good too!! So refreshing!!

Justin Ruzicka said...

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Susan said...

I have been in that boat too, sista. Remember: it's a new day. And if that doesn't help (which it never does me- because then I always justify it saying well it's already down the drain!) so then I think, well it's a new minute. It's hard not to feel down when you've done something like that.

But! I know you can do it! I'm doing it too, so feel free to commiserate with me. I definitely hear ya. :)

Chloe said...

This sounds so familiar to me!! haha
You can do it, girl!!!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

Mrs. W. said...

I hear ya. I've been trying to make a good effort to eat better, get healthier...and next thing I know, I've fallen off the wagon again and it's all pizza and cupcakes all over again. It's so hard to stay on track. I think it's great you're keeping yourself accountable and giving it your all! Good luck! You can do it!

Tenesa The Artisan said...

Awesome blog! I would love for us to follow each other!

-Tenesa The Artisan

Jessi said...

Sometimes you just need a weekend to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Atleast you had fun!

I am loving your blog, I'm a new follower.


Domestic Sweetheart said...

I love the title of this post :) Don't worry too much...tomorrow is always a new day :) xo

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I know exactly what you're saying. I have been "trying" to get back on track for about a year now, but I always have excuses for why I haven't done it yet. I am awful. I can't even admit to how much weight I've gained in the past year and a half... yikes.

You're right about feeling better though - even after just a day of eating better I feel amazing and have tons more energy. If I could just learn to get addicted to that feeling instead of the junk food, right?

Let's do this together, sister!

Julie {love, julie} said...

Thinking tomorrow is the day to start is a killer! I have totally been there! but good job being down a size so far!!

SimplyHeather said...

I know how that is. I had a diet going then all of a sudden the not eating went down my drain, or throat.. Lol but tomorrow I plan to start back up. YAY!

Monique said...

That looks so yummy!

Monique xx


Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing! Love it!♥

amy said...

That looks tasty!!

I was queen of saying "I'll start tomorrow."

I was doing so well until I went on vacation last week. I'm not going to say I'll start tomorrow. I WILL start today! :)

Good luck my dear!

PS. You should move to Austin. We could be diet & exercise buddies. Just sayin...


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