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Apr 26, 2011

{I just thought this was cute :) Via}

Happy Tuesday, good lady friends of mine!

I had a post all ready to go yesterday and totes forgot to publish it. I wasn't feeling it really. But I did have the best 3 day weekend ever and the best Easter ever! I spent quality time with my honey and doggies, then we spent some fun time with our families so it was PERFECT. And from the look of y'alls posts, your weekends were great too! :D

Now this week I am crazy busy at work, in preparation for the trade show/conference my company is holding in Fort Worth next week...which means I'll be out of town from Sunday through Thursday! I go out of town only 3-5 times a year but it's always for a week or two so I really hate the being away from home part...oh yeah and the hard work part. But it is like a big reunion every time, seeing people we haven't seen since the last conference and that is what I look forward to! During these trips we work long days and party network all night and my no-longer-21-year-old self can barely handle it. I'm so beat afterwards that I normally sleep all day when I get back into town but I won't be able to this time... because I'll be back just in time to prepare for Ronnie's 30th Birthday!!

Speaking of which, I still have not bought him a gift. AGH! I know. World's.worst.fiance. But in the off chance Ronnie decides to be sneaky and read this, I won't say anymore about his birthday... because I do have some tricks up my sleeve!! bwahahaha.

And told you this was random because I'm totally posting a pic of my cutie boys from this past weekend! After Ronnie laid out his fresh out of the dryer laundry on the bed, Niles got busted rolling around in it while Frasier didn't seem to care, he stayed cuddled under the warm t-shirts. Precious babies! :)  

Which reminds me, April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month! The month's almost over but you can always do your part to help prevent animal cruelty! We saved our black dog, Frasier and I'm so thankful we did!! Ronnie also saved another black wiener dog who he found starving and cold, chained to the porch of a house. Apparently the family had moved out and left him behind. But he's happy and healthy in his new home now so it just goes to show you, everyone can help!... Ok...Off my soap box.

But wait...there's more! Check out the amazing Tanya over at A Taste of T. She is so sweet and I love her blog! {Also, she lives right up 35 from me so I'm thinking we'll need a meetup at some point! ;)} She's having an awesome giveaway right now from Vintage Poster so get over there and ENTER!!

So yeah..that's all I've got today!
I didn't intend to talk so much..I mostly wanted to drop in and say HELLO! :D
But have an awesome day, y'all! It's back to work for me!


Amanda said...

Have fun on your trip! I totally get what you mean about not being able to "network" like you used to :)

Anonymous said...

I love that Fraiser could care less and Niles looks totally guily! HA! they are so precious!

Chloe said...

Love your dogs!! So cute!!
And have fun on your trip!!!
Hope you can some rest!!

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

Your puppies are so cute! Holly loves laundry too. She doesn't care if it's warm either. When I pull out what I'm going to wear for the day, and lay it out on the bed, she always ends up laying on my stuff. Enjoy your trip, try not to work too hard.

chicgeek82 said...

Oh man look at that wiener dog! So frickin' cute!


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