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May 26, 2011

I've been seeing the "Top 5" post going around and since I've been boy crazy since I can remember {much to my parent's dismay}, this post is REAL easy for me to do.

I know you'll enjoy this, Elizabeth ;)

Here are the Top 5 men...that I would totally jump if given the chance.
{Don't hate, Ronnie - I KNOW you have your own list.}

#1 Ben Affleck.
oh, Ben. There are

#2 Paul Walker
You and I could be happy, Paul.

#3 Ryan Reynolds
Yes, Scarlett's an idiot.
No, I'm not above taking her sloppy seconds.

#4 Jared Leto
You look like a bad boy...and I like that.

#5 Mark-Paul Gosselaar
You're still cute as hell, Zach.

Phew :)

Y'all probably think I'm a total horn dog now, don't ya? ha! I could seriously add about 10 more guys...but because I'm not 15 years old anymore and should probably get back to doing laundry, I will stop...
But a girl can dream ;)

Who's on your Top 5 list??


Jessi said...

Oh boy you have good taste in men!

My top 5 would probably be:
Ben (told you that you have good taste!)
Jason Miller (UFC fighter)
Vin Diesel
Paul Walker
Chad Ochocinco (mmm!)

Great post, hope you have a lovely weekend!

Mizdragonfly said...

That's a pretty good list! Bah, gotta keep a bit of 'horn dog factor' even as we get older ;)


Chloe said...

you're so funny!
That's a grrrreat list ;)

Anonymous said...

Ahahha I heart Zach Morris. And I'll take some Paul Walker...mmmmmmmm

Steph said...

Mark Paul is still soooo cute! Good choices!!!

KSK said...

I am actually in love with Ben's best friend... Matt Damon <3 mmmmm!

Meg O. said...

YUM YUM! Man candy, for sure!!!

amy said...

Ooh, great list.

Here's mine:
1. Ewan McGreggor
2. Zachary Levi
3. Ian Somerhalder
4. Wentworth Miller
5. John Krasinski

Anonymous said...

Fun list! ;) Let me first say that I know people like Tom Cruise are conventionally "hot", but I just don't like him. Here's my list:

1. Josh Lucas (in Sweet Home Alabama, I don't know how I feel about him IRL!)
2. Jeremy Piven
3. Ed Helms (from "The Office")
4. Peyton Manning
5. Bradley Cooper

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

My top 5 would look a lot like yours. I used to love Ben and Paul! I also had a huge thing for Vin Diesel when I was in high school. I'm not as big into guy crushes lately, but when I watch certain movies I enjoy the view. :)

[SMASH] said...

Yum -- this is the most agreeable list I've seen so far. Again, YUM.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. very good. One of my friend's is Paul Walker's cousin. But, as she says, it's distant enough for her to still think he's hot. ;)

Is it too mushy to say that I don't think as many celebrities are cute since I married my husband? ;)

But I'm still a Colin Firth/Ryan Gosling/Ian Kinsler/Jarrod Saltalamacchia/Matt Damon fan. ;)

Jessica Renee said...

Wow...can she set me up with Paul Walker? hahaha jk :p That's super cool though.

Love your list too!


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