Jun 20, 2011

If I die today, please know that I've truly loved meeting all of you wonderful ladies. If not, just know that I do currently have the world's WORST headache because I'm a total klutz and knocked the shite out of my head on the inside of my car door after reaching in to get my toppled over purse. I've done it plenty of times but today I think I saw stars. Just thought I'd inform you of this dire situation. Ronnie doesn't seem to believe it's serious but it feels effing serious. Or I'm just a big baby.

But at least before I die, I got to have an entire weekend with my favorite man ever, my daddy, Robert. And I'd love to wish him and the other Dads in my life a {belated on this blog} Happy Father's Day!

Who else can say that they fondly call their dad "stupid" or "fool" and always get the same in return? That's real love, I tell you. I definitely got my sense of humor and sarcasm from my dad and I'm so grateful for it. It probably puts me in the category of "daddy's girl" but I can honestly say that he has and always will be on my side, no matter what I've done. Of course that support always includes a lecture :) He's cheesy and drives way too slow but he loves his family like crazy and I feel incredibly lucky to have him as MY dad. I'm not sure I can explain to anyone just how much I love this man. Even through your illness, Daddy, you still have a sense of humor and strive to make all of us laugh constantly. I love you too much!
To my dear future father-in-law, Ronnie. Thank you for raising your son all on your own and for teaching him how to be the amazing man he is. You are quiet and sweet and I love just how emotional you can get - even for the tough country guy you are :) You taught your son to put his family first and taught him all your manly ways! You certainly passed down your love of George Strait too :) You're a good man and I consider myself blessed to have such a sweet {future} Father in Law!  
To my honey bunny. I know one day you will be an amazing dad just from seeing how you take care of me and our pets. You're always concerned about us, always looking to protect us and you have the biggest heart out there. I can't wait until the day you're a real dad but for now I'm happy seeing you get covered in doggy and cat kisses and loving every second of it. I love you!
+I just want to say THANK YOU all for your support and comments on my last post. Change is VERY hard for me and due to the stress of the upcoming move, I've had a consistent headache the past few days {and now this concussion?! ugh}, I've broken out with a cold sore {pretty!} and my dogs are even acting funny. It really freaking blows and I'm not looking forward to it but am trying SO hard to remain positive. All of your advice and kind words help me do that! 

+Also, I added a link to my Facebook profile on my Contact page. I hope you'll look for me there because I'd love to be friends! :)

I hope you're having a fantabulous Monday!!!


Cole said...

Girlie, you lucked out by having some fabulous men in your life!

And, headaches are no fun! Get yourself lying down with an ice-pack. And if you feel nauseus - CALL THE DOCTOR. I don't know how hard you hit your head, but better safe than sorry.

Anonymous said...

love this post!
dads really are the best!

sidenote to your concussion and possibly not making it to tomorrow...and ronnie not taking you seriously...david is the exact same way. yesterday i swore i was having a heart attack and david told me i would sweet and caring...

Anonymous said...

So sweet! :) Lucky girl!

amy said...

Please don't die!! :)

This is a super sweet post! Looks like you are really blessed with a really great father and future father-in-law!

amy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meg O. said...

What fabulous men in your life! Happy belated father's day to them :)

[SMASH] said...

Ouchie -- I hope you're okay and not dying! Love what you wrote about your dad & Ronnie's dad. <3 So sweet!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

what a super sweet post...glad you have such amazing men in your life!


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