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Jun 6, 2011

Have I ever told y'all that I'm a big baby? As in a big baby that didn't ever want to move away from her hometown, from her family and friends, from everything she knew? Well, that girl has decided to finally grow a pair. {Took me only 29 years!} And I am getting the itch to MOOOVE!

{please bear with all my will be rewarded with prettiness at the end ;)}

Where did this ballsy-ness come from, you ask? Well, we've already been talking about moving in January when our lease is up, to San Marcos or New Braunfels {in between here and Austin} to be closer to Ronnie's school. His long commute and spending $100 per week on gas {for a little Honda Accord, mind you} is just not working anymore. We haven't worked out the details yet but we do know moving is beginning to sound like a MUST.

So that got me to thinking - once we move there, what if I actually enjoy being in a new area and actually like separating myself from my family for a bit? Will I finally want to move out of Texas? When I mentioned this to Ronnie I'm pretty sure I looked like I had a rainbow coming out my butt and he probably even heard angels singing. That fool has been talking non-stop about moving since I met him!

Opening that kind of conversation means it's taken over our lives over the past couple of weeks. So we talked, argued a little and daydreamed a lot and decided that when he starts looking for his first job out of school, he will apply out of state. We realize finding a job in the perfect city is not a guarantee but we are totally open to at least taking the chance! So here are the cities we've been talking about:

1} Denver or Colorado Springs
2} San Diego
3} Nashville {Ronnie's dad's family is originally from TN and he loves it. But I've never been there so right now I like the idea of Nashville but we'd need to visit together to decide that for sure!}
4} Austin {the safe option, being just over an hour away!}

I however am being pretty stubborn and sticking to the #1 choice....

{all pictures taken by me on our CO trip 2010}

Can you blame me?

So I'm curious -
How many of y'all have moved out of state from your family and friends?
How was your experience?
And if y'all have any opinions/tips about these cities, I wanna hear 'em! :)

Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

never moved out of state...but did move an hour away...that was enough for me! :)
but i vote for nashville...just bc it is somewhat near me!

Jean said...

I think you feel more comfortable about moving because of Ronnie. My family & I are really close, it'd be hard, but as long as you have your other half, you'll be good :)

We've thought about moving already, after I finish school. We really have been thinking up north... but who knows.. We're open to anything new and exciting in the future. As long as I can find a teaching job and for him, it'll be pretty easy for Accounting. So, really... as long as you find a big city that will have a good amount of job offers in your career area, you're good. And if you both support each other and have each other, you're good. I would love Colorado! I'd need a place that is pretty artsy :)

Amanda said...

I'm not the person to ask :)

In the last 17 years since I've left home, I've lived in the same town as my family for 2 years... I've moved 11 times in that 17 years.

I get along much better with my family now from a distance. When I live in the same town as them, I find them stifling.

Mrs. W. said...

My husband and I are the only people in our families to have "left the nest." All of our siblings still live within 15-20 minutes of our parents in Florida, but we left right after college for D.C. for graduate school and then moved up to NYC after that.

We have entertained the idea of moving back to Florida, but we just don't really want to. We like the places we have lived and the experiences we've had. Although I miss my family, I get along with them much better when I am further from them. I like the autonomy we have - we can do what we want, when we want, without having to answer to anybody. We have no real plans to move back, although we are talking about our next step (NYC is definitely not a permanent thing): maybe California, Boston, or even London. Or, maybe middle of nowhere USA! Time will tell.

I'm sure it will be tough for you at first, but having your sweetie with you will help. Just go into it with a positive outlook - take time to find a home that you like, get out and enjoy all there is to enjoy in your new city, etc. It will be fine! :) Good luck!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

i've moved countries, and cities after moving to the u.s. it's definitely a huge transition.. but i definitely enjoyed getting to know my new surroundings. it's definitely an experience!

Anonymous said...

Oooh how exciting! I vote for 1, 3, or 4 since I know nothing about San Diego.

I'm getting the itch to move too since I'm now a SAHM and we don't have any family here.

After we were married, Hubs took a job in Amarillo - which is SEVEN hours away from my family. It's hard at first, but you get used to it.

Cole said...

Way to go!! It's not on your list...but I'm voting for Boston. You're close to the beach, an hour away from skiing, great outlet shopping, a good assortment of jobs and four fabulous (OK. Three pretty darn good and one craptastic...) seasons. :-)

Susan said...

I've never moved away except for short times (a year here, two years there...) but always rented- never set down roots because I knew I would end up in the Lou near my family. No choice. :)

However, as fabulous as Denver is, I gotta say that I love. love. love. Nashville!! Granted, I haven't been to San Diego- I'm sure it's lovely. I visit Nashville as often as possible because it's so dang cool. Love it.

Austin is really cool too.

Chloe said...

Oh, how exciting!!!
We moved an hour away from our families and love it!
And now we're planning to move to a foreign country!!! Eeek!

KSK said...

My husband was in the Marines when i married him, so we lived in North Carolina (we're from Ohio)for 2 years.. I loved it, but after having LB, I think I would've been sad to be living so far away from family.
**Although, I REALLY wanted to move to Colorado Springs! Jerk Face didn't...

amy said...

Ooh, Denver would be fun.

I have moved once but it was only temporary (seven months). I moved to England when I was working for my old company back in 2005. I loved it but I also missed my family and was so glad to go back home.

Austin is home to me...but I do get the urge to want to move out of state about once a year. Last year it was Oregon. The year before that a small coastal town in North Carolina. This year I would love to move to Wyoming or Montana and have a horse ranch. :)

You should move to Austin.

[SMASH] said...

Wow, that's a big but exciting change! I've never visited those other cities [besides Austin -- love!], but you know... I hear that Dallas is nice. *wink*

The BF and I talk about moving to Boston one day but I don't know that we'll 1] ever go through with it, and 2] ever be able to afford to move that far up north.

Dana Richards said...

Nashville Nashville nashville!!! You would love it here. I grew up in Florida and went to college there and spent my first 21 years of life within minutes of my large extended family so when we moved way away to Philadelphia it was a huge shock to my system. I missed my parents and my friends and felt not myself at first. BUT! I was with the person I loved, we made some awesome new friends and had great adventures. I think that was the best thing we could have done for our relationship. We grew up so much without the watchful eye of family guarding our every move and it brought us super close. THEN we made another huge move to Nashville where were a little closer to family but still have our freedom. Moving away is a really great thing especially because you can always go back later (like once those kiddos come) and youll appreciate it so much more than if you had never left. Sorry for the book haha

Christina said...

I moved three hours away from home for college and then came back after graduation because my husband (then boyfriend) got a good job here. I’m a baby too. I’d miss my family so much if I moved.

Those are all awesome choices! I LOVE San Diego. It has mild weather, there’s a ton to do and it has a lot of history. I’ve never been to Denver, but I spent a summer in Boulder. It’s hot, but I’m sure you are used to the heat. The almost nightly summer thunderstorms are cool and there is a ton of snow in the winter. I passed through Nashville as a kid and I’m trying to go back next year. It’s a cool city. And I’d love to go to Austin too.

Shoshanah said...

I did, although it wasn't completely intentional. I'm from California, and when I decided to go to grad school in Louisiana I figured it'd be 2 years and then I'd be back. But I met my fiance here, and it's been almost 5 years now. We don't necessarily plan on staying in Louisiana forever, but probably won't be moving back to California.

Kristen said...

I moved from CT all the way to UT... been here for six years now. I liked being away from family for a while but now I realize how important it is to have them close by. I cannot wait to move back home... the west is not green enough for me! If you take advantage of the mountains and outdoor activities then Colorado sounds perfect for you! It doesn't have to be permanent.. and there are always visits and phone calls :)


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