On the mushy side

Jun 24, 2011

"I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!" {where's that from? Go!}

Ok so ever since we came to the crappy decision of moving, Ronnie and I have been stressed beyond belief. We've had trouble sleeping, we've been getting headaches and we have been majorly on edge. We should be planning this whole move but instead it's like we're trying so hard not to even think about what it's like to not live together. {Geez, we sound like weirdos.}

Last night we went and picked up some burgers from one of our fave hole in the wall places. Nothing out of the ordinary but since we were near the Zoo, I had the idea that we should go eat at the nearby park instead of going home. So we set our "picnic" and got to enjoy a nice breeze and a pretty sunset. We could hear the sound of kids laughter from the softball game down the road and it was just so peaceful and relaxing. Afterward we crossed the street to the Japanese Tea Gardens to take a romantical stroll where we pretty much acted like we were just dating again. And it was perfection.

And here's where I get serious. Doing all of this made me realize that despite spending most of our time together, we actually have forgotten to focus on living in the moment together and making things special. Cheesy but true. This impromptu date was nothing fancy but we ended up having the best time that we've had in a while! And today, I'm actually kinda looking forward to the move. Crazy huh? I know it will be good for saving money and all but when we do finally get to see eachother that one time each week, we are going to cherish the hell out it! And that part is pretty exciting don't you think?

Who knew a cheap date could work such wonders! :)

Apparently there was a crew filming at the gardens but we saw no sign of them, just their very professional signage warning us we might end up on their film. If they were there, they probably caught some good PDA ;)

Thanks for letting me get all serious for a moment... It's just nice to have something change your perspective in a good way!

Have a great Friday, y'all!


Anonymous said...

So romantic and sweet that you got to have a picnic :)

Chloe said...

Picnics are so romantic!!
I think they are the best way of going on a date!!
Good luck with the move!!

Jessica said...

Impromtu dates are my favorite! Love and I don't really have dates anymore, because neither one of us has the money, but it's nice just to be out and enjoy the scenery. :) Happy Friday!


amy said...

So glad you were able to find a new perspective! Yay!

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Only one of my fave Christmas movies - ELF!!!

Loved this post! I do the same thing sometimes, too - get caught up in tomorrow and what's coming next that I forget to appreciate the "now" :)

Just remember...no matter what happens, everything will be okay.

[SMASH] said...

This post made me smile. Glad you were able to recognize what a special, random moment it was for you two. Sometimes it's hard to keep that in mind but when it hits you, it feels so good. :)

Laura Darling said...

This is so sweet! Glad you guys had a good time!

Just Jinny said...

We've been there! There was no water..boo. But a cute orange tabby cat followed us around. Actually Jeremy was a bit distracted because our car was broken into in the parking lot next to our hotel downtown. lol. That was like six years ago.

Christina said...

Those are the best days. And you're right; you'll appreciate each other more when you get to spend time together. I just know it'll make you guys stronger!

Mrs. W. said...

What a nice date night! My hubby and I lived apart for 3 months before our wedding - he was working in NYC and I was in DC. It was only 3 months, but it was tough. You're right though that every time we DID get to see each other, we cherished every second. I still think of that summer as one of my favorites because even though we were apart, when we were together, we made great memories. :)

You've got a great outlook now!

Anonymous said...

i love that garden. the fishes were huge! great date!

Anonymous said...

What a great day for you! I think it's so nice to just get away and spend time together. Sometimes when we're at home, we get into a routine of reading, checking our phones, etc., and don't spend enough time together. Glad you got out and explored our city! :)


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