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Nov 28, 2011

I am SO out of the loop! With unpacking all last week and having THREE Thanksgivings to go to, I have not had any time for blogging or reading/commenting. I will catch up today and can't wait to read how y'alls Thanksgivings went! :) Hopefully no family drama was involved! :p

I was bad and didn't take any Thanksgiving pics BUT my mom did so hopefully I can get her to upload those soon! I looked awfully pregnant in them but there's just no hiding it anymore! We had such a great time and I guarantee I gained a couple pounds. (Which is fine considering I got weighed last Wednesday at the OB and I'd lost 2 pounds. Kinda shocking. lol)

So today I'll just show you random pics! I'm linking up with Savanah again for...

In the doctor's office last Wednesday. 26 weeks!

This makes me laugh because Ronnie will have "serious" conversations with Frasier and he always acts like he's listening. But do you also see crazy cat in the back? ha!

Driving by the gorgeous lights at UIW. Yay Christmas!!

A sign in Ronnie's mom's kitchen...I fully agree! :p

Niles getting cozy over the weekend. When we have fluffy blankets out, we tell the dogs
"Get in the clouds!" and they jump in. We're cheesy like that :)

Frasier acting sad that I didn't share my PB&J sandwich.
He must not realize his Momma's pregnant and does NOT share.

Speaking of being a fatty...we heated up leftovers on Saturday from Thanksgivings #2 and #3. I'm sure you can guess who the huge ass plate on the left belongs to ;)

I hung up our stockings yesterday and left a space for baby girl's.
 I want to get the 3 of us nice, monogrammed ones though. Any recommendations?

I loooove this color! Essie's Berry Naughty.
I've had this one about 4 days now and it's only chipped a little!

My scene last night.
Hot cocoa and popcorn, ready for the mid season finale of Walking Dead!
(Do you watch it? OOOMG the ending was good!)

Hope y'all have a great Monday!!


Anonymous said...

bahahaha "GET IN THE CLOUDS!!" so cute!!

and you are just an adorable pregnant lady! so stylish :)

and my plate looked like that and i'm not pregnant...

oh and ever since getting peyton i don't think i have had an entire meal to myself ;) i just have to share!!

Anonymous said...

Your such a cute pregnant lady :) Ronnie and Frasier haha so funny! Oh and popcorn and hot coco yum!

moderndaywife said...

That food looks SO good! Love your polish and I need some monogrammed stocking too so let me know what you find ;-)

Christina said...

I just ordered our monogram stockings from Pottery Barn. The basic ones are on sale today, free monograming and free shipping! I love your nail polish! Your leftovers look goooood. I didn’t bring any home because I wanted to get back on my diet. Four days later and it still hasn’t happened. I love your "clouds." That's really cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the Christmas lights pic!

M.R. said...

Turkey dinner leftovers are AWESOME!

Cute preggo pic! do we get to see more pics of the new house??

Just Jinny said...

We do all sorts of ridiculous things with our pets. Are you kidding me? lol.

We watched Walking Dead....OMG! OMG!

Jean said...

cute outfit u wore to the dr's office.

the food looks delish!

i can't wait to decorate for christmas :)

Krystal said...

Liking the dress + leggings combo. I feel like that's my weekend wardrobe!!

Cori H. said...

Haha! The cat in the background of that pic made me laugh. I almost got that color of Essie the other day. It's always hard for me to pick a color. There are so many good ones!

Meg O. said...

You look so freaking cute! And so is Niles :)

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

I have that same silver wreath thing that you have over your fireplace! love it, except mine sheds everywhere! i adore the "get in the clouds" thing, too cute.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Haha i took a picture of my dog this morning all wrapped up in my comforter like Niles is here :)

I am behind on The Walking Dead and need to catch up!


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