Preggo Stuff - 37 Weeks

Feb 9, 2012

Hello and welcome to another installment of Jessica Complains About Being Pregnant!
(At least I'm sure that's how I'm coming off lately. But seriously, I would never truly complain about it!)

Per usual, I'm behind on posting this so at this point I'm now technically 37 weeks 4 days. Meaning there are now just 2.5 weeks (or less!) left until we meet our baby girl. Since I'm not very good with using my big girl words, I'm not really sure just how to describe how I'm feeling right now. But I'm definitely feeling quite a few different emotions...

Scared shitless (ok, that's a bit dramatic)

I'm just ready for the pregnancy part to be over (though I will miss her precious -sometimes crazy- kicks and hiccups) and ready to love her, smell her, kiss her, feed her and change all those dirty diapers. I honestly just wish I could fast forward through L&D to the part where we have her at home, safe and sound! But I'm just lucky to know I'll have the best partner ever by my side!

Here I am yesterday, in an outfit I haven't worn in a few weeks because the shirt is too short. That's why long tanks were invented I guess! It's one of my fave pre-pregnancy shirts so I'm glad I got some use out of it during the pregnancy.

It's definitely starting to look like I'm carrying around a 6 pounder in there!

Updates in Week 37:
Full term, baby!!
  •  According to, baby V should be weighing about 6 1/3 pounds and measuring a bit over 19". Right on target since OB put her weight at 5 lbs. 13 oz at last week's appt!

  • Remember last week when I swore I hadn't gained 5 lbs? Today the OB asst said "Oh you lost 3 lbs!"..which I know just means I'd only gained 2 at that last appt and not 5! It's really not a big deal, I just want things to be accurate! haha

  • I'll get my first cervix check next week and if things are looking "favorable", I have the option of setting up an induction for the next week. Wanting to be able to plan anything about the delivery, I'm definitely open to it.

  • I'm starting to crave coffee like nobody's business. I've allowed myself a tall Chai latte at Starbuck's twice this week and the rest of the time I'm sticking to the decaf K cups. Boring.

  • Nursery bedding should be complete soon and once it is, pictures will be up! Mind you, I'm no designer so don't expect magazine worthy decor, just a whole lotta cuteness :)

  • The pain in the nether regions is getting worse by the day. You know how tennis players let out a scream when they hit the ball? That's kinda what I do every time I get out of bed now. It's painful, yo! Poor Ronnie, I'm sure he could do without the dramatics. ha

  • I didn't think it was possible but my dreams are getting WEIRDER and more vivid. Not sex dreams, just whacky ones. Like the one where Tim Tebow got injured and had no place to go so we took him in? And then I eventually kicked Ronnie out if Tim and I were gonna have any chance of making it as a couple? Yeah.

Ok so just for shits and giggles, here's a collage of me in this same outfit. The first picture was taken 10 weeks ago, y'all! My boobs definitely looked bigger then but I think it's just the ruffles playing mind tricks on you. Because they are definitely much more large and in charge now! ha!

And look, my hair grew too! I blame the humidity, tyvm.

I hope y'all are having a great week! :D T

And don't forget - if you met your honey online, get your post ready to link up tomorrow!!


Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Love that you stuck with the same shirt for the updates! Too cute! And ah you are so close!! It could be any day!


Courtney said...

HAHA Well first of all, I love these installments! Not the fact that you're uncomfortable, but you that you do it with sass lol

Second, know you're still pretty nervous, but it'll be great! If you get to induce, that'll definitely ease your mind about things like "What if my water breaks?" and "Will we get to the hospital in time?" Not much longer and she'll be here in all her cuteness glory :)

Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

I will miss hearing about these hehe ;-) Can't wait for your little girl to arrive(and I bet you are even more excited ha!)I will try to link up tomorrow if my day isn't too crazy! xo

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you! Your little tummy has really grown. I love the progression pictures!

Cole said...

Seeing those pictures side by side really shows how close you are to having baby V arrive!!!

I can't wait for her to arrive and dominate some of your blog posts! She's going to be a gorgeous little girl!

Jean said...

i like that timeline... you in the same outfit and as the week goes by!
i would be scared shitless, too!!! so 'cited!!!

Heather said...

Well it's reasonable that Ronnie would be an issue in your new relationship. Lol!

Pregnancy dreams are insane!

Heather said...

Well it's reasonable that Ronnie would be an issue in your new relationship. Lol!

Pregnancy dreams are insane!

Heather said...

Well it's reasonable that Ronnie would be an issue in your new relationship. Lol!

Pregnancy dreams are insane!

Heather said...

Well it's reasonable that Ronnie would be an issue in your new relationship. Lol!

Pregnancy dreams are insane!

Suze said...

I cannot believe that it is almost TIME!!! I can't wait til instead of preggo updates they are Baby V updates! :) I have enjoyed them though. :)

Cori H. said...

I love the progression from the past 10 weeks! I'm so happy for you! She'll be here very soon!

I love the Tim Tebow dream! How dare Ronnie interfere with yours and Tim's relationship, haha! :)

Lauren said...

You are seriously one cute baby mumma! I love that you're wearing the same shirt for your updates. Two weeks! How exciting, I hope it flies by for you and your little baby girl arrives safe and sound!

Sarah said...

Yay!! You look great!!

Mrs. W. said...

Oooh, girl, you dreamed about my boyfriend! Color me jealous, lol! I've dreamed about him before but I wasn't pregnant at the time - I wouldn't mind a sequel now with the extra-vivid dream thing happening. ;)

You're looking great, mama! And getting so crazy close!


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