2 Month Violet

May 5, 2012

One week ago today, Violet turned TWO MONTHS old.
Holy crap where did the time go? I swear I was just going in for my c-section last week!

It's the biggest parenting cliche ever but it's so true - time really flies!

She just looked like this at 1 month (and 1 week)! :(

Ronnie's mom gave Violet that bunny for Easter and I figured it was the perfect prop for her monthly pics.
Growing up I had a bunny doll that was my favorite thing ever so I like the idea :)

Now here she is, looking like a "big" girl at 2 months!
(she was not cooperating for her photo shoot.)

At her last pediatrician appointment on 4/25 (3 days before turning 2 months) she was 10 lbs. 6oz., 20 inches.
She's a shorty like her momma!

She's fitting perfectly in her 0-3 month stuff and fits well in some 3 month clothes. She actually can fit into a couple of her newborn dresses still, thanks to being a shorty!

Size 1

She's a wishy washy eater. Sometimes she'll be starving, other times not so much. She eats between 3 and 4 oz. of formula and if she eats 3 oz., she'll eat again in 3 hours. If she takes 4 oz., she'll eat again in 4 hours.

During the day she only sleeps about 15-20 minutes at a time and that's with complete silence and being rocked consistently in her rock and play. She fights sleep like crazy!

Night time:
She usually crashes out between 10 and 11 pm. Then she sleeps 4-5 hours until her next bottle. After that, she'll sleep another hour, maybe two. But even that's a struggle so our days are starting pretty early lately.

-Laying on her changing table kicking and cooing.
-Her bouncy seat - she's really taken to all the toys hanging on it.
-She loves the sound of rattles
-Sleeping on momma. It's where she takes her longest naps.
-Daddy singing and dancing with her.
-Car rides and being in the stroller! THIS is where she takes her best naps
-Having her feet rubbed - what girl doesn't like that?
-Being held too long when she's fussy; she'd rather be laid down.
-Baths. She is just not a fan and cries most of the time! Hopefully that changes soon.
-Daddy making faces at her too long - she'll make pouty lips. Maybe she gets scared? ha
-Daddy kissing her too hard because of his facial hair.

-She's discovered her arms and legs and is constantly moving them around.
-She's also discovered her tongue which she swirls around a lot.
-She "talks" soooo much to us when we talk to her, I love it!
-She turns to look at whoever is talking to her.
-aaand she already can recite her ABC's... Genius I tell you.

 (Ok doesn't every mom like to think their kid's a genius? ;)


gina said...

You almost had me there with the ABCs. {giggle}

Sarah said...

She is such a cutie!

Jean said...

time does fly and they do grow so fast! <3 love that rabbit prop and the cute story of yours :)

Joelle said...

she is just so precious!

Lauren said...

So cute girl, crazy how much she has grown :-)

Trish said...

She's so adorable!

Charlotte Manning said...

I didn't even know you'd had her yet,
CONGRATULATION, even if its a little bit late,
she's absolutely beautiful :)

x x x x

Charlotte Manning said...

I didn't even know you'd had her yet,
CONGRATULATION, even if its a little bit late,
she's absolutely beautiful :)

x x x x

Cole said...

Violet has grown so much in the past month! What a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable! Can't believe she is two months already!

Heather said...

She's so cute!!!

Meg O. said...

What an adorable little sweet pea! :) Happy 2 months!!!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Sweetie u are so sweet! Can we follow each other? Kisses from Romania!


Courtney said...

What a sweet little peanut! I just love her little outfits and those blue shoes from month one! So cute :)

Yay for getting better sleep and I'm so glad her reflux is finally better. How cute that she loves to dance with her daddy already. Melts my heart for sure!

Of course she's a genius! She comes from smart parents ;)

Jillian says "good morning!" to her online friend!

Mrs. W. said...

She is so cute!!! Ellie loves hanging out on her changing table too, and she loves her stroller/car seat for naps. They should definitely be friends! :)

I honestly can't believe it's been 2 months already. Wow!

Cami said...

Wowzer. The time really did fly!!
She is oh so beautiful and oh so precious <3


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