A Special Monday

May 7, 2012

Today is the special-ist of special days :)

Happy 31st Birthday to my baby daddy!
(this is my fave picture from when we finally got to bring V home!!)
You are my love, my best friend and the best daddy I could've asked for for our sweet daughter.
I love you too much, bubba!!!

aaaand second, my cousin's wife delivered their baby boy Milo this morning!
I'm so excited for them and I think it's sweet that Violet will have a cousin so close in age.

Of course being Monday, it's time to dump all my recent pictures here :)
Watching me get ready for work :)

Snuck out of work to the next door Starbuck's for a break

BBQ on Saturday with Ronnie's fam for his birthday!

Love the Tiny Prints cards I ordered for the grandmas for Mother's Day!

I had dinner with a high school BFF so we could meet each other's
new babies and we called it Ayden and Violet's first date ;)

YUMMY peach cider I bought at the Farmers Market on Sunday

Looking ridiculously cute in her new bow I bought at the Farmers Market!

Love the nail polish that I won a while back from Cole's giveaway
OPI "Charged Up Cherry"
(She also sent me those cute sandals Violet's wearing above ;)

(find me on Instagram: jeyreycupcake)


Monica said...

awww she is too cute! Happy Birthday to your baby daddy!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday Ronnie!

I love Violet's expression in the photos w/ Ayden. It's so cute! It's like she's a little flirt.... Adorable. And it is nice to grow up w/ someone close in age :) Congrats to your cousin :)

Cole said...

Happy Birthday, Ronnie! That is a great picture of Violet and him. :-)

LOVE the picture of V & Ayden's first date. So precious!!!!!

Thanks for the shout out, love! I hope the clothes I sent fit your little peanut.

Christina said...

Happy birthday to your man! He looks great with a baby! I’ve never had Izze. Is it good? Our farmer’s market is finally opening this weekend. I can’t wait to go! Great polish color!

Heather said...

That peach cider sounds yummy!

Happy birthday to Ronnie!

Asha said...

Happy Birthday to your man!! And I absolutely adore Violet's pink sandals and bow! That baby's momma has some great taste ;)

Savanah said...

Love the nail polish and the cutie patootie baby pictures :) And happy birthday to your baby daddy ;)

Holly said...

Those Tiny Print cards are such a sweet and thoughtful gift! Are you excited that this is your first Mother's Day?! Yea!

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)


Mrs. W. said...

I'm just now getting caught up, but happy belated birthday to Ronnie! And I love Violet's new bow. :)

Cami said...

Awweee this is so cute :)
Happy bday to him!!! (old man! haha..justkidding!!:)

Faith said...

she is the cutest!!

happy birthday to your baby daddy, hehe. hope he had a great day!

love that nail polish color! i am slightly obsessed with nail polish lately. go figure.


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