Happy Fourth!

Jul 5, 2012

Our Fourth of July was super laid back but honestly we never have any major Fourth of July plans. We usually just attend a family BBQ or something but since my mom had to work all day and Ronnie's fam wasn't doing anything, we decided we'd have a relaxing day at home.

We were going to buy one of those blow up pools that are big enough for adults to sit in, set that in our yard and just chill out with the babe in there. Oh, and we were also going to rent one of those steam cleaners and do our carpets at some point since they badly need a cleaning. We're wild and exciting, let me tell you! That didn't happen though because my mom, who works nearby, ended up getting off of work early and stopped by our house before heading home. She stayed for four hours. So there went our exciting plans. ha!

My mom and Violet had a lot of fun together though and that always makes me happy!

Mom's obsessed with taking pictures which can annoy us at times but then we all agree later on that it's nice because we end with sooo many pictures of every.single.event in our lives. So she's been getting on me about not taking enough pictures of Violet but she finally got to see what I'm working with - Violet won't sit still for anything! She ends up flopping all over the place and then getting fussy when she falls over. Not the most fun time. But we finally got a few cute ones and I won't bore you to death with those, just a couple to show you the cutie outfit that Ronnie's Aunt Sharon in Houston sent us. Of course the best shot we could get was her laying down on her changing table. ha. Oh well!

Since my mom had arrived right before Ronnie and I had planned on going out for lunch, we ended up not eating a real meal ALL DAY so of course we were starving. My mom went home to pick up my dad and sis and then we all met up at Logan's for dinner - Mom's treat! We had a lot of fun and there was surprisingly a lot of people out and about, I thought everyone was at home having BBQ's! ha.

We took some pics after dinner and that was fun! I should've worn red however I don't own anything red. Crazy, right? I own a ton of navy blue but didn't want to overdo that since Ronnie and Violet were already decked out in it. ha.

Then last night, Ronnie ran to the store for something around 9:30 pm and called to tell me we should've gone with him because he was watching fireworks pop up all over the place as he was driving. I had totally forgotten about fireworks! Womp womp. But there's always next year and maybe then we'll have some real plans. By that time, Violet may be a little more interested in that sorta thing too. I get in weepy mom mode when I think about how much older and different she'll be next year! :(

So that was our first Fourth with V! Hope y'all had a great Fourth too!

Happy Birthday, AMERICA!


Suze said...

Aw your family is cute!

Even if you did not "celebrate" fourth of July, it sounds like you guys enjoyed a nice day off together! That's how we are looking at it because we didn't really do anything either.

Mmmmmm... LOGANS! I haven't been there in literally years. We don't have them around here, but there was one where I went to college- so good!

We forewent our usual fourth of july plans and went out to dinner too- and it was SO BUSY!! I think because it's just so dang hot. 105 degrees? Please. My nearly-due pregnant ass is not sitting outside all day. And all the fireworks in our town are cancelled because of the drought and fire risk. Bo-ring fourth of July. There's always next year! :)

Christina said...

What a fun, laid back day with the family! I love her outfit!

Cole said...

That sounds like a great, laid back day!

I love V's sparkler outfit!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I love that outfit!! We never have big plans for the 4th either and didn't do fireworks. It's too dry here and we didn't want to go downtown with the masses. I prefer to skip them an put Mackenzie to bed at 8. :)

Sounds like you had a great day!

Jessica said...

Violet's outfit is so adorable!! Glad your 4th turned out to be a good time with family. :)

Kerbi said...

I am IN LOVE with your blog! I also need to steam clean our carpets badly! Let me know where you end up renting one from!

Jean said...

i used to own a ton of red clothing, but not anymore! glad you were able to spend time w/ your family.

love violet's outfit! :)

Lauren said...

Such adorable pictures, I love Violet's 4th outfit, precious!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Aw I love her little outfit!

Sarah said...

Look at all that hair!! She is such a cutie!!

Monica said...

Ahhhh she is too cute in that outfit! Its totally fine to not do anything big for the 4th, though it would probably have been a sweet moment to ride in the car seeing all the fireworks, thats one of my fave things to do

Shoshanah said...

I love Violet's little sparkler shirt. So adorable!

And our 4th of July was pretty laid back too. Part of me would have loved to have a fun BBQ and people over, but it was definitely nice having a lazy day in the middle of the week.

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Ha! I don't think I own anything red either. I ended up wearing a white, sort of see through, shirt with a navy blue shirt under it.

Your daughter is so adorable, Jessica! And I agree, it's nice to end up with waaaay too many pictures than not enough. :)

Mrs. W. said...

Her outfit is so cute! She is just a doll.

I also get all crazy thinking about next year. They'll practically be grown-ups!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw! Your family is lovely!

P.S. Your shirt totally blends with what R and V have on. ;)

Yunims said...

This is a warm blog and full happines!


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