On the future.

May 30, 2013

I can only imagine how much prettier pictures like this would be, say, I had a fancy camera.
But I don't, so you get a phone picture.
Texas sunsets get me every time :)

If our walls could talk, they'd tell you that all Ronnie and I talk about lately is the future. It's a little ridiculous actually, but it's where our life is at right now. Realizing it's almost June and that by this time next year, our life could be hectic, crazy and completely different has us worried and my mind has been too occupied with those thoughts and just daily life, to even think about blogging. So, forgive me for being a sucky reader / commenter lately.
As some of you may know, Ronnie (my baby daddy, if you're new here :) is studying to become a dietitian but what you may not know is that next February, he has to apply to dietetic internships in the hopes that he gets accepted to ONE. In order to even take the test to become a Registered Dietitian (the ultimate goal), he must have gone through an internship so obviously it's super important! The internships are available all over the country through different universities and hospitals but the acceptance rate is usually pretty low so it can be tough to get in. Ronnie plans to apply to as many as we can afford to and he will honestly just take what he can get! 
So why all the worry now? Because MOVING. It's a very real possibility.
Ronnie is going to apply to internships in the area (there's only 3, I think) and to ones in other Texas cities but since he's obviously not guaranteed to get into an internship nearby, he plans to also apply out of state which makes a move very possible. He'll keep to states that he knows we'd want to move to, and of course can afford. The thought of picking up our lives and moving with a 2 1/2 year old at that time and pets is scary (and exciting!) and it would be quite the undertaking so it has us anxious, to say the least. Oh, and then there's my job. And the money thing. We have to figure in the cost of the internship, moving costs, prepping the house to be rented or sold (a big decision right there, too) and of course, our normal expenses. No pressure.
I'm not even sure why I'm sharing all of this information but it feels good to just talk about it. We've talked to family and some friends and gotten feedback but ultimately, it's all just TALK. We have no definitive answers and won't until next April, when Ronnie gets the results of his February applications. All we can do until then is keep to business as usual, keeping some made-up, sorta, kinda plans in the back of our minds. Ronnie's spending his time doing what he can to help his chances for getting into an internship: focusing on his grades, volunteer work with the dietitian at a local hospital AND he found out today that he for sure got a job he interviewed for last week, as a diet tech! It's a super part-time job but will get him more experience and is something else to boost his resume. That's about as much as can be done for now.
It's the not knowing that's the hardest. I personally think his shot at getting into an internship is great but still - we . just . don't . know. Life could totally take us on an adventure next Fall or things won't change much at all. And that's where we're at.
Have you ever moved for a job or just for the fun of it? I'm curious to know how it all worked out for you!


Sara said...

I actually work with a dietician, and the past three of my student workers have been dietetics students, so I know the struggle and pressure - even if second hand - for trying to get one of those internships. I think there are only 11 or so internships available here in Nebraska, so I hear a lot about my students just knowing they have to move.

I know moving would be scary - but it could be fun, too! Just think of where you would love to live - east coast, west coast, midwest - the options are endless, and just try to have fun exploring them! My previous student worker took an east coast vacation and visited what she figured would be her top five schools. She then busted her butt to get applications in, and she ended up with her top choice of schools (in Rhode Island).

Also, my guess is that, as long as Ronnie continues to work hard, get pretty good grades, and volunteer, then he should have his pick of places. Honestly there are not a lot of men in dietetics programs, so hopefully that helps his chances, even if just a little!

Anyways - I'm babbling! Good luck with your thinking, talking and planning! Try to make it as fun as possible, even if it is stressful with a lot of unknowns!


Neri said...

I'm a moving professional. I've been moving since I was in my mother's womb. Yep. I've been military all my life and I'm getting ready for move #18 this summer. I've lived all over the world and have tons of crap to prove it (sort of and no thanks to hurricane Katrina). I don't know anything about dietetic internships, but you're more than welcome to pick my brain about moving. :-)

Ari @ The Pace of it All said...

I hear you, I'm nervous about moving myself, although it must be different relying on someone else's job to make the decision for you. Good luck with whatever happens!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I moved from Maryland to Austin almost two years ago. It was scary as hell, but worth it in the end. Tips for moving cross country. Evaluate your stuff, your furniture, your kitchen stuff, your garage. For me, most of my furniture was IKEA and particle board and most of my stuff I was not super attached to. I sold almost everything I owned and moved her with my car stuffed with clothes and some kitchen stuff along with all the cash I made from selling the stuff to buy new stuff. Don't underestimate how much you can make in a big yard sale and on craigslist selling your things. The cost to rent a moving truck was like $3k to rent and was not worth it in my head, because it didn't even include gas. I made that and then some selling my stuff and was able to buy new fabulous furniture and decor when I got here.

Second, get an apartment before you move, seems like a duh, but its harder to get approved in a new city if you don't have a new job secured, so its better to do before you move and are still employed. As far as job searching-- I started looking three months before I moved to Austin. I didn't get calls until I had been in Austin for a month. So that can be scary. For me, having a really good emergency fund in my savings gave me peace of mind.

Good luck to Ronnie!

Suze said...

The future especially when so unsure can be daunting. I've never moved far away just a few hours. Good luck to you guys though! Also St Louis is lovely all year round. ;)

Anonymous said...

My sister is also about to start applying for a dietetic internship next winter and is so nervous. She's been volunteering in a soup kitchen every Friday and has a part time job working with food but is so worried still because she has a 3.7 and that field is SO competitive.

I can't imagine how much more stressful it would be involving and moving a whole family at the same time! Hopefully he will be able to get a close one.

Lauren said...

The future kind of scares me sometimes not knowing but it's so exciting figuring it all out, I'm sure you guys will be awesome in whatever comes your way :-)

kjpugs said...

I know exactly what you mean. My hubby had the same issue- wanting to intern somewhere AWESOME for his culinary program- and had a great opportunity with WDW. We knew we were moving about 2 months in advance. It was crazy and hectic and annoying but also a ton of excitement. Please make him apply in central FL too, please :)

Jean said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee. My sis has had troubles with applying to pharmacy school. soooooo competitive & some are out of state, too. Hope everything works out in your interest.

Totally respect your lack of blogging/commenting.

Trish said...

Oh yeah, I know exactly how you're feeling right now. All the time Ryan was looking for a job we knew there was basically no chance he'd find one near where we were. We just had no idea if he'd find a job, or if he did where it would be. It was a little maddening! He did end up getting one though and we moved 3 states away just a month after the baby was born. Craziness! I have no real great advice on how to get through it. I mostly sat around being pregnant and nervous the whole time ;-) Except, maybe contact a realtor now, even if you don't know what's going to happen. I waited way too long and there was no way to even get started on all the things they said we should do to get the house ready to sell.

Shoshanah said...

The boy is working on his Phd and looks to be finishing next year. We've talked about the possibilities at that point, but we really just don't know. I'm not sure if we'll be moving at that point, or if we do where it would be, but for now I'm just trying not to think about it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the future is such a stressful thing to think about, ESPECIALLY when you have a child! Then add moving to a new state and jobs....oi! We've been there, but it was also different because we were trying to move back to IN from OH. But then it all happened so fast and with a 4 month old.....I still wouldn't trade the experience for anything...well less stress. :o)

The unknowing and waiting till April will be the hardest! But I know you guys will handle anything that comes your way!! :o) Also, congrats to Ronnie for getting the job!

Mrs. W. said...

I'm sure by now you've updated more about this but hey, I'm catching up on my blog reading and I like to start from the beginning. :) So for now, I just wanted to offer some support and encouragement and commiseration, because I know what it feels like to face that uncertainty and possibility of big change and upheaval. It's tough. As cheesy and cliche as it sounds (and as hard to remember as it is), I'm a big believer in what is meant to be, will be. You guys will end up where you're meant to be and everything else will fall into place. I know it will! :)

Cammie Smith said...

Uncertainty is tough! I moved cross-country for grad school (Colorado to Alabama) and now I'm in Kentucky with my husband, who is in dental school. And that move was easy, because he was there already and I moved to him. But trying to pick a spot on the map or having NO idea where you're going next (which is where we'll be at in a couple years), is just tough. Glad I found your blog--great writing and cute little girl you've got. :)



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