3 Month Violet

May 31, 2012

How is my daughter THREE MONTHS OLD already?! :(

Time is going by so quickly but it's so fun to see her learning and changing every day!

The lighting was pretty bad for these pictures and this was the best one I got, paci and all! ha!
Outtakes! Including a shot of the heart on her bum :)

At her last pediatrician appointment on 5/18 (1.5 weeks before turning 3 months) she was 11 lbs. 12 oz. and 21". I won't even tell you what percentile her length is in - she's a SHORTY! ha

A few of her 0-3 month items still fit well but she is definitely filling out a lot of her 3 month clothes better! Some are still pretty long on her though because of her short little legs.

Still in Size 1 but they're getting tighter around her thighs..We've tried Size 2 but they're still too big.

Due to her acid reflux she is still eating only 3 oz. at a time, every 3 hours. Her pediatrician says this is totally normal and until she grows out of the acid reflux, she's better off eating smaller amounts more frequently.

She is starting to nap more! Halleluyer! (and of course now that I said it, it's gonna stop.) Pretty much after every bottle she'll pass out for about 20-30 minutes. It's not a lot but it allows us to take a quick nap ourselves or to get some stuff done around the house..quickly!

Night time:
Bath time is around 9:30 and she'll usually fall asleep around 11 (we're working on making that earlier!) and then she'll sleep until her next bottle at around 4. After that she'll sleep until about  7 am. Last night was super nice though - she slept straight through from 11-6!!

-Her daddy!! She completely lights up when she sees him and when he talks to her :)
-Sleeping on me still. If I'm tired, this is the best way for both of us to get a long nap.
-Car rides
-Kicking like she's about to take off somewhere! ha
-Staring at the fan
-We've made a breakthrough since last month - she's starting to like her baths!!

-Waiting more than 30 seconds for her bottle to warm up!!
-Talking to her too much when she's fussy and sleepy. She'll make pouty lips and cry :(
-Getting put into her carseat. She fights it but once she's strapped in, she's happy.

-She's discovered her voice and LOVES to scream. It's the cutest thing!
-She's blowing bubbles a lot and smacking on her hands
-She's "talking" to us even more..When we ask her a question, she "responds" now. It's so dang cute!
-Her head/neck strength keeps getting better! She can't quite sit in the Bumbo alone yet but she's close!
-Enjoying her naps and baths more... Basically, she's starting to enjoy the things she should ;)


Lauren said...

Can't believe she's 3 months, time flies and she's just a doll :-)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

She is so cute!!!

Holly said...

I saw the title, and was like no way she is 3 months already - this year has flown by!

I love when babies start kicking like they are ready to crawl the heck out of here!

Jean said...

awwww. they do grow so fast the first few months, it's crazy!!

just wait, she'll be laughing like crazy, soon!!!

Faith said...

Aww she sounds so cute! And she is so cute! I love when I see babies kick their feet. Happy to hear she is liking her baths now! And sleeping for a while 7 hrs without interruption? That must have felt good!

Courtney said...

Awww what a cutie!! I LOVE that heart on her tush ;)
I can just imagine her randomly screaming and smiling right after HAHA I love that both our girls are such daddy girls. It's sweet to watch them interact with the men we love :) Happy 3 months Miss V!

Christina said...

So sweet. It sounds like she's sleeping at night pretty well. That always makes life easier. Michael Ian Black's book has an awesome chapter about newborns and sleep deprivation. I still love the bunny idea and can't wait to see the day she's bigger than it.

Anonymous said...

3 months is such a fun age! I love when they start to coo and make sounds! Enjoy this time!!! She is such a beautiful baby!

Cole said...

Ah, the little peanut is growing! Such a cutie pie! Can I lobby *again* for you guys to move up here so I can hold her?!?! :-)

Suze said...

I refuse to believe she is THREE MONTHS OLD!

You always keep her so cute, I gotta say. I think that's wonderful.

Poor little lady with that acid reflux... I hope all is well soon. I'm glad to hear she's sleeping more!

Trish said...

Hehe, I love the outtakes! Especially that last one :)

Asha said...

How cute! And you definitely need to do a vlog of her screaming, haha! I'm in shock that she is already 3 months old too, but I'm glad that you are making the most of this time while she is young :)

Shoshanah said...

That heart on her back is adorable! What a cute little outfit.

Mrs. W. said...

Three months! Already! Wow! What a cutie. Glad to hear she's enjoying her baths more and sleeping pretty well!


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