May 24, 2012

current book(s)Nothing at the moment! Honestly I don't have the time and when I do have a free moment, I'm catching up on my DVR!

current playlist
I'm gonna admit, I've had this boy band song in my head all week. It's just so damn catchy!

current color
OPI "Charged Up Cherry" - I love this one SO much! I've been wearing it off and on the past couple weeks and just reapplied it. It's my favorite pink for summer!
current food
I just had a YUMMY Chick-Fil-A sandwich (extra pickles, please!) and of course had to get my favorite Diet Lemonade!! I'm still sippin' on that and it's sooo dang good.

current favorite show(s)
Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23 is my newest fave! I DVR'ed the finale last night and am so excited to watch it tonight. And I feel like I'm the only one left on earth who still watches America's Next Top Model! Is this true, y'all?! The finale is next Wednesday and I'm calling the Brit as the winner!

current needs
My damn phone! It crapped out last week and after going to one awful Sprint location and having the lazy manager tell me it was perfectly fine, I finally went to another location today and they're working on it now. If it ends up being kaput though, it'll take 2 days to get a replacement. I'm already going nuts without it!

current triumphs
Making it through an awful week at work and changing my attitude towards it. Ever since I got pregnant last year, I've been singled out and have had my job performance picked apart a few times each month. This week was that time and I finally just decided to start defending myself to the death (in a professional manner of course) on anything they try to pick on. I know I'm doing my job and doing it well so they have nothing on me!

current banes of my existence
Again, my dead phone.

current celebrity crush
Matt Bomer. Yet another gay man that I'm in love with! But I'm just looking anyway, right? ;) The man is BEAUTIFUL!!

current #1 blessing
This little one. No matter how hard things get, I keep on keepin' on for her! <3

current indulgence
Coke Zero + Vanilla from Sonic..I've gone nearly every day at some point for the last 2 weeks. I have a problem!

current outfit
Nothing special! Just a colorful tank, cardigan, jeans and flip flops. One thing I am grateful for at this job is the extremely casual dress code.

current excitement
Going on a road trip to Lake Livingston this weekend for the C Family Reunion! It'll be Violet's first! I'd much rather be going somewhere with just Ronnie and Violet and not to a family thing but this will do :)

current mood
Excited! Just called Sprint to check on my phone AND it's kaput BUT my replacement will be in tomorrow. Just in time before we leave for the lake!!

current favorite quote or verse
I need to remember this every day.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

current wishlist item

I need this bag. I was hoping to get it for Mother's Day but that didn't happen. "Apparently" I already have "too many" bags. Whatevs. This bag will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine. (Quick! What movie is that from?)

current favorite product
It's definitely nothing new but I'm using the crappola out of Bath and Body Works antibacterial hand gel lately. The past couple of Christmases I've loaded up on their Winter Candy Apple scent and it usually lasts me all year but now because of the baby I'm close to running out! :(
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Jean said...

this makes me happy i have a dinosaur age phone, LOL!

Christina said...

Wayne's World!!! I have Glad You Came on my playlist too. I love it! I really like Don’t Trust the B. James makes the show for me. He’s hilarious! I’m also in love with Matt Bomer. He oozes sex appeal! I have a million of those Bath and Body hand gels too. I love that they don’t smell like alcohol. I don’t have that smell though. Yum.

Suze said...

My seventh hour is obsessed with the Wanted and I finally gave them a listen- pretty good!

I couldn't go without a phone- Good luck!!

Good luck at work too. At least you got Violet to remind you of why you go there everyday!

Have a fun time at the lake!!

Lauren said...

I watch the B in Apt 23 too! A girl I went to high school with(June) is on it :-) So hilarious! I love the candy apple scent too and I'm running low boo!

J and A said...

That bag is super cute. And your daughter is adorable. That quote is perfect!!!

Monica said...

Love that quote and nail polish!

Cami said...

Oh my. This is a great post. I should do this on Fri - unless it'll be too late.

I love that OPI pretty!! :)
I want a new book to read..I've been slacking :(
Great quote!!
Your blessing is so beautiful :)


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